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About Us

Welcome to About us section of our website.


GONGNEWS is an independent newspaper, established for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of African events and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria.

We owe NO allegiance to any political party, ethnic community, religious or other interest groups. Our primary commitment is to the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria and beyond that to the unity and sovereignty of the African continent.

We are a liberal online newspaper, committed to the best traditions and ideals of journalism. We believe that it is the responsibility of the state not only to protect and defend the citizen, but also to create the conditions, political, social, economic and cultural, in which all citizens may achieve their highest potentials as human beings.

We are committed to the principle of individual freedom, but believe that all citizens have duties as well as rights.

We do not, in principle, object to the ideology of free enterprise, since this would be inconsistent with our commitment to individual liberty and freedom. But we believe strongly that the state must intervene judiciously in the economic life of the nation, in order to minimise the adverse effects of free enterprise and ensure that less privileged citizens have reasonable and fair access to the basic necessities of life as a Constitutionally guaranteed and inalienable right.

We will at all times uphold the need for justice, probity in public life, equal access to the nation’s resources, and equal protection under the laws of Nigeria for all citizens.

We believes that Nigeria is a legitimate member of the international community, but holds that she can best fulfil her international obligations only if her own security and integrity are assured.

Gongnews’ logo is the musical instrument called gong which in ancient times is the instrument to signify news from the palace. It is African.

The motto: “Truth in defence of a just society” is is a summary of all we stand for.