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Ahead of Seyi Akinwunmi Report

*Webs of Pinnick’s office will get a new report

*Can any good come from the Grass House?

Amaju Pinnick is one folk I appreciate. That is the last bus stop. Two, he is not the best man that can manage Nigerian football. Three, his leadership style will never take our football to the Eldorado.

Internal war from within the NFF: As a student of history and politics, I am in a haste to say that the Algerian protest against Nigeria was originated from a Nigeria who is asking for a pound of flesh. Legitimate exposure of the inadequacies of the NFF Glass House that has turned into a Grass House.

Amaju Pinnick and Gernot Rohr...Where is Seyi Akinwunmi?
Amaju Pinnick and Gernot Rohr…Where is Seyi Akinwunmi?

For a long time I have stopped writing about the quality of administration and human management in that dirty house. Mindless callousness and uncouth administrative system that defies logic and talent. It is how much you can use your finest cloth to clean the shoes of those who have power that determines how high you go and not what you can deliver.

My heart would have grieved but for once I have a quality of peace. Truth will always prevail. Majority of the staffers in the NFF are not happy working there. Many feel so short changed.

Was Musa Amadu not a scape goat? I feel another one is up for the guillotine. Mallams would have started prayers by now…How do you talk about a President who has spent 150% of waking hours more in the air vis-à-vis that right wing ‘dirty, filthy and inhuman’ place called his office?

Musa Amadu...was he sacrificed?
Musa Amadu…was he sacrificed?

I can vouch for Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi. Can anything good come forth from his report? I predict that this report will join the cobweb party of such previous reports. Want them named? May be the last one on the top of the shelf must be the Dominic Oneya committee report.

Anyhow, I stopped taking the drink better known as ‘Udeme’ which a friend of mine has 11 variants for its name including oloibiri, the President’s drink, 1759, black gold, crude oil…lest I would have gone for one.

Pinnick, I think you should take a walk from Vodka’s land. You are utterly hated both inside and outside the organisation you are supposed to head. Development of the sport has since stopped. All we have are episodes of glitz and glamour. Meanwhile, it is 1:45am let me marry my pillow and let my roving eyes go to sleep…saw a party where celebration went up after the FIFA declaration…dream state? Uhm!

Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi...you can't get down...mallams are also working
Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi…you can’t get down…mallams are also working

For Seyi Akinwunmi, do your best. Put it on paper but nothing will happen. Angels have deserted that House. Lucifer is the Lord. Its agents are running ahead of truth, fairness, justice. You cannot go beyond a line. If you do, then, be ready. They will come after you. Did a killer squad not come after me? They paid the price I was to pay. Was I not banned for life? Did it stop me from saying and writing the truth? I only went on leave. Good luck, omo Oduduwa.

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