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Al-Mustapha charge youths to take over leadership

*Be honest. Be sincere. Don’t allow their rhetorics to sway you.

Former military aide of General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, has charged at the nation’s youth population to be prepared for the rough road towards taking leadership of the nation if they appreciate where the locus of their power lies in their population strength.

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Engineer Kabiru Wanori...sharing a common issue
Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Engineer Kabiru Wanori…sharing a common issue

Al-Mustapha was guest at the maiden Unity and Peace rally of the Young Leadership Association of Nigeria (YLAN). They organised the event as part of the activities to mark the 57th anniversary of the nation’s political independence at the Unity Fountain in Abuja.

Al-Mustapha who received a hero’s welcome told the crowded event, “people should not occupy political office because they can lobby some folks who are sharing offices without considering the interest of the people of the nation. That era is gone. In times of need like we are now, never be in a hurry. Don’t be carried away by our reality as a people. Be honest. Be sincere. Don’t allow their rhetorics to sway you. Heaps and pyramids of lies will crumble in the face of facts and truth.”

Time has come for you to pick the gauntlet. Think like orphans who has nobody else except God. They can’t stop time. Yesterday is gone. Keep charge of today and make sure you can control tomorrow.

We took risks to keep this nation together when the time called us to task. Instead of reward, we were called all manners of names. We had an administration that spent six months and left indelible marks in our political history. We must identify the enemies of this nation who stole the right side of history and used propaganda and negative stories to make themselves look like saints.

You must take away comfort and fear. You must think Nigeria at all times. Don’t think no one can change Nigeria. You alone can change Nigeria. God created you a Nigerian for a purpose. You must strive hard to know and achieve that purpose. If yesterday is classified as wrong, don’t let anyone tell you about today and structure your mind about tomorrow.

Don’t lose hope. Determine to change things with your population. Associate and synergise. Encourage and educate yourselves. Don’t allow past mischiefs to sway your thinking. Think patriotic. Think of a new Nigeria which is only possible by you.

Law governs our nation today. The rule of law is operative. Each of you must dust up the 1999 Constitution and familiarise yourselves with the letters and spirit of Chapter 4. Politicians have lied to you and us enough. People have lied against patriotic elements. We have realized years later how patriots have been painted in the colours of hatred. Enemies of Nigeria had diverted us acting like saints. They have kept offices they cannot manage. They planted their likes which have germinated in many of national sector and use divisive measures to tear us from uniting.

I was picked up, abused and so many negative propaganda sponsored against me. All I know is they can’t stop time. Time has come. The truth has resurrected. We must move this nation forward. We are concerned about the fate of tomorrow. With humility and a steely zeal, we shall rescue the nation.

I see Nigeria will grow into sanity of hope. Ask yourselves, you are 70% of the nation, what can you do with your numbers? We have been subjects of deceit, abuse and suave propaganda. Let us put the right people to make the nation rise again. Children of poor people who have gone to school and are graduates can’t get jobs but with their intelligence can aspire into political office without money bags and give us fresh hopes of leadership. It is possible but we must educate ourselves,” he said with a tumultuous appreciation from the crowd of youths gathered to hear him speak.

After speaking, he enjoyed a crowd of youths taking pictures and selfies with him. He was ushered to his black coloured car by the youths in their hundreds.

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