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I am also scammed with the abuse of my picture – Abiodun Ogunmoroti

*Facebook is using a bad policy to delete my abuser

*My picture was taken from my instagram by the scammer

Nigerians have been warned abut scammers who now devise the means to lift your picture, use a different name and use it to dupe unsuspecting but greedy people on social media. A Lagos-based professional, Abiodun Ogunmoroti, was shell-shocked when his friends saw his picture had been cloned with a different name on facebook. That was what he was battling when two days later he found out that the scammer had used that account to dupe some folks.

Mr Ogunmoroti immediately reached out to Facebook to complain about the misuse of his own picture which incidentally was picked from his instagram but the authorities of facebook will not be persuaded to delete the account due to their policy.

By the time one of the victims of the scammer who used the name Damilare Adeniran with his picture would cry out, he was embarrassed thoroughly.

The greedy victim: She is a young female undergraduate in one of the top universities in Nigeria. She cried out after she claimed she was stripped off her hard-earned money by a scammer on Facebook.

The scammer, Damilare Adeniran, added the young female undergraduate on Facebook and they got talking inbox.

During their discussion, Adeniran who claimed he lives and works in the UK promised to buy his victim an Iphone6, laptop, wristwatches and perfume. Adeniran who said he’s from Kwara state claimed he has a 17-year-old daughter who stays in Nigeria with her mother (his wife).

He even claimed to have added some foreign currencies in the cash gift he’s sending to her and all she needs to do is to pay for courier when the package has arrived. She even got a MacBook laptop for $321! That is where she should have known she was fooled.

She then sent him some monies. How much she sent was not disclosed. She got a document to show her some level of genuineness. While the wait lasted eternity, she realised she had been duped. Then, she rushed to one of the online portals where rather than embarrass the thief, the man who innocently was working hard in Lagos whose picture was stolen was the one embarrassed.

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