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Ambode: Five underaged boys died again in Badagry prison

*Do something to stop this injustice

From citizen Bello

I am still having nightmares over what I saw in at Badagry prison last month. While on a visit to inmates, I was confronted with the sight of about 15 emaciated skeletal and hungry children with ages ranging from 12 to 17 years among the prisoners!

They had been arrested for “wandering” and street trading and were fined. They are still in jail for not being able to pay the fines, the authorities said.

They are locked up in the prison with adults. This is not correct. Some of them have been serially raped.

This is against the law. Underage children should not be tried in regular courts or be locked up in prisons with adults.

These children are malnourished and are walking skeletons suffering from one illness or the other. It was a distressing sight.

By last week, five of the boys had died in prison.
I still see their faces.
These boys are children, someone’s children. Victims of the circumstances of their birth.
But they don’t deserve to die like animals.

Please let us rally round these children. They have no voice but you have the power to help them.
Please rebroadcast this until the authorities move young offenders from adult prisons.

We don’t want them to be trained for a lifetime of crime  to be unleashed on society, if hunger doesn’t kill them.
Please talk about it until children offenders are treated better, fed better and given medical attention.

Please talk about this for the future of this country.
Please talk about it.
It is so wrong.

And if you can, please visit the prisons and find out for yourselves. Buzz Governor Ambode to rise for once on this cases.

Lawyers and journalists please speak out.

Citizen Bello sent it from Lagos

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