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Amidu: Baba Salam, Heller and Hell Rufire

*Story of why journalists were sold for massacre

When God was creating earth, it was journalists he had around him. That is why he said at a point, “let us create man in our image.” That is why what He said was recorded and reported in exact words He said it. The towncriers or tribunesmen did the recording and reportage in print media.

There was a Yoruba folk there. He looked at a particular impish and trouble-shooting, very argumentative and brilliant bespectacled guy. Because of his conduct, the Yoruba man, Baba Salam nicknamed the man in question, ‘aguntasolo’ because of his brief height. Meanwhile, ‘aguntasolo’ literally means the who is so tall to use enough clothes. It was more of Oxymoron.


In the crowd, there was a pygmy which Baba Salam calls ‘amese fo okuta yegbeyegbe’ which mean the one who use his giant feet to marsh stones into fluff. There was also Amidu, he has double K-leg, but Baba Salam calls him, ‘amese ba edidi ekuru’ which refers to him as one who is fast to run and catch a matured squirrel! They call him Amidu Vanguard.

Each of these persons belong to different fields of endeavour. Our friend, a builder of houses was also a politricktian. He only tricks the polity to survive. Baba Salam calls him ‘Hell Iruna’ but Amidu, the towncrier, who is a palace courtier, had been locked up seven times by “Hell Iruna.” Iruna was from the Yoruba of he who stirs the fire. Amidu’s daughter, Cathy, who was attending the white man’s school changed ‘Iruna’ to an anglicised format, ‘Ru-fire’ so to modernise it, they call him Hell Rufire, the one who stirs the fire of hell.

Amidu, the Yooba towncrier with his medium
Amidu, the Yooba towncrier with his medium

In the year when the Lord smiled on the people, he brought forth Heller as the new champion of the workers. In the celebration of God’s mercy, the workers will bring an intelligent one to address a common issue.

Heller brought forth the name of Hell Rufire. The people revolted. Hecause they share a common name preface, Heller insisted and made Hell Rufire to speak where Ceaser stood to fight for the people. All friends of Amidu recalled his last detention was legalised by the same judge that sentenced Olu, the priest to death by the cross.

Ceasar, frustrated went to the market place to allow Heller have his

Journalist or politician? Who is the terrorist?
Journalist or politician? Who is the terrorist?

evil ways. The crowd in anger left the lecture theatre. Amidu and his friends refused to herald the message of Hell Rufire. Heller sold the workers for a pound giving Hell Rufire the freedom to massacre all of Amidu and his ilks. 96 canes was what the judge kept for Amidu in the king’s dungeon. One cane per day.

The communists have come again. They are picking us one after the other. Because you are not involved, no one speaks against the evil. I siddon look! Who is next for the gulag of the communists? Heller is showing Hell Rufire who the communists should pick next.

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