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Athletes will be centre of this AFN board – Sunday Adeleye

*AFN athlete Rep urges guided engagement with Board

By Oluwole Francis

Elected athlete representative on the board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Mr Sunday Adeleye has called on his folks, both within and outside the country, to be rest assured that he would lead an open door policy and athlete-centred engagement to protect and project their interest.

Mr Adeleye in a message he shared with www.gongnews.net wrote, “I would like to thank you all, as the main stakeholders in our beloved sport athletics, for your endurance over these years. As your able representative on the board of AFN, your welfare is the number one duty of mine.

“Gone are the days when athletes fight or cry before we gain attention from our leaders. I want to re-assure you that every decision starts and ends with athletes in this new era. But first, we need to be responsible to present ourselves as descent, obedient and purposeful athletes for the larger society to come to our aid by sponsoring us as a federation for excelling athletes.

“No one wants to associate with rude and uncontrollable athletes who talk carelessly about their leaders. Athletes who go on social media to voice out grievances without consulting with their leaders first will only scare away potential sponsors.

Adeleye promised his constituency that,“Nigerian athletes now have a responsive and responsible representative on the new board of AFN. And I have promised to listen to each and every complaint by Nigerian athletes any time of the day, even nights. Realistically, Nigerian athletes are situated all over the world in different time zones, therefore I keep my phones open to answer whenever you call me your humble servant.

He advised too, “I will like to advise athletes who post comments that would disrepute AFN to have a re-think. The more you state the wrongs in our system publicly, the farther potential sponsors stay away from assisting us. Let us put the past behind us, fighting leaders on the dissolved board should have been over by now. The present board in few days will be inaugurated and the effects of good governance will start to show from day one after this.”

Stop taking some individuals who do not see any good to say seriously. The right person to talk to is your elected representative and what I state should be taken more seriously because I am part of the decision making. I am mindful of our struggles and seeking solutions day and night to right all wrongs. A lot is been done underground to make effective positive changes. Please let us work together to bring lasting solutions to numerous problems hindering our progress as an athletic nation.

“There are six executives on our TAFAUN board that are directly responsible to hear all your views. They in turn present your views to me and other executives on proper and necessary steps to be taken to ensure things work in our federation.”

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