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Athletics: Corruption must have informed Appeals committee decision – Olu Sule

*This injustice can only help kill our sport

Former Nigerian long jumper and now an athletics coach, Olu Sule has bared his mind on the decisions of the Sports federation appeals/petitions committee which he titled, “My question is……” on his facebook page.

The former champion asked different questions, viz: “why was the south-east election cancelled by the Petition /Appeals committee? On what ground is Charity Opara-Asonze re-contesting the 7th July athletics election?

“She (Charity) was never disqualified at any point before or during the elections. She contested the election and lost out totally, since she could not even vote for herself in the first place.

Coach Olu Sule...decisions deny logic, reason
Coach Olu Sule…decisions deny logic, reason


The contest was between Charity Opara-Asonze, Prof Ken Anugweje, and Patrick E Onyedum, since the fourth candidate (Lucky) from Abia state stand disqualified. The only trouble was to Imo state for presenting two delegates with authority letter from same state, the electoral committee members were patient and kind enough to have given them enough time to resolve their internal palava but they were unable to come to terms after a very long grace of time.

The Director of Sports of Imo state came to shed a little light on the birth of the double delegates, yet, the matter was not resolved and so the state (Imo) was disqualified from casting any vote in athletics.

Election was peacefully conducted among the three supposed qualified candidates and the results was openly counted and the winner was announced.
Patrick E Onyedum got 3 votes, Prof Ken Anugweje got 1 vote and Charity Opara-Asonze got 0 vote.
Even if the disqualified vote from Imo was given to Charity or Prof Anugweje, it sure will still not have any effect on the final result. What then is this kind of injustice?

What informed the decision of the Petition /Appeals committee to cancel the election of South East that was according to Charity herself in her speech during the election described it as free and fair, could it be that the committee was lied to or misled by the protest letter submitted to them? Or is it that the committee is so incapable of carrying out the duty assigned to them?

How can you cancel a credible election without recourse to the athletics electoral committee that you (Ministry of Sports) put in place to coordinate the same election, or at least, work with their reports?

This kind of ungodly decision can only give birth to corruption and evil acts. Prompt and precise actions should and must be taken for the interest of our sport and our country.


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