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Athletics: Naming and shaming the evils. Part 1

*Exorcism starts from the day evil source is known

I have chosen to first go back and bring some historical backgrounds on the road to cleaning the biggest and largest sport in Nigeria, athletics. Let me quickly acknowledge the volume of calls, messages and concerns I have received. I sincerely have all those prisms in perspectives. Change must come not from our leaders but from we, the followers.

Hon Ibrahim Gusau...we must rustle your tenure to effect change
Hon Ibrahim Gusau…we must rustle your tenure to effect change

I believe in the Ibrahim Gusau-led AFN. I also state that if we (athletes, coaches, parents of athletes, fans, club investors, corporate interests) wait for the kind of environment that is ideal, then, we may have to wait until Jesus Christ returns.

We must activate, initiate, lead and deliver the kind of changes. Each of us are leaders. Why wait for the man we elected to be the only one to lead? If we lead a great, deep and intense roadmap, the AFN Executive Committee will have no option than to follow us. This is where I stand. I promise to name and shame. Here we go.

I Published on Sunday 13th January 2013 a piece titled: “Sanchi committee: Sports Minister has looked for trouble.” I reproduce the piece verbatim. Please read and see why we need to force the bull in the china shop out even if we must bring the building down before reconstruction.

THE NEWS: NSC sets up panel to investigate allegations of corruption made by athlete

Following the allegations made by Ms Esther Obiekwe, an amateur marathoner, in The Nation’s newspaper of 6th January, 2013, that she was asked to give bribe in order to be part of the Nigerian contingent to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the National Sports Commission (NSC) has set up a panel to investigate the veracity of her claims.

Solomon Dalung Minister of Sports...where is the Sanchi report? We need it to move on
Solomon Dalung Minister of Sports…where is the Sanchi report? We need it to move on

In the said publication, Ms Obiekwe had made sweeping allegations that were considered injurious to the corporate image of the Commission, claiming among others, that nearly all the athletes to the London 2012 Olympics bribed their way to the Games and that the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) asked her for inducement but she refused to give.

Justice Danlami Sanchi chairs the Panel. Other members are: Dr. Gloria Obajimi, President of the Nigeria Chess Federation, DCP Mohammed Sani, the Legal Adviser of the NSC as members while Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Sule will serve as the Secretary.

The panel, which began sitting last week, will complete its task this week. Ms Obiekwe is expected to appear before it at 2pm on Monday, 14th January, 2012 to prove her allegations.


THE NEWS ANALYSIS: It is the very first time in a long time that the National Sports Commission (NSC) is responding to such grievous matters like this. This is a Commission that never responded to issues of image. For this, one must commend the NSC Chairman, Bolaji Abdullahi. He deserves commendation. One hopes they will take such issues to high level of sports governance.

One of the issues that the Justice Sanchi committee will need to establish is, the lady making the allegation IS NOT a qualified athlete to have been in the London 2012 Olympics in the very first instance. (see FOOLING NIGERIANS IN THE OLYMPIC SPIRIT.http://olajidefashikun.blogspot.com/2012/07/fooling-nigerians-in-olympic-spirit.html)

How was she smuggled into the list of Nigerian athletes in London? Monies were allegedly made off some corporate organisations in the process. Were these allegations true? Who were involved? This is a bigger corruption.

I investigated the matter and reported same. We have to get to the root of this bigger corruption and the culprits must be punished accordingly.

"I'm down for drinks, laughs but no sex": The sexual harassment claims that brought down Toledo's running coach...here, we are protecting the sex predator
“I’m down for drinks, laughs but no sex”: The sexual harassment claims that brought down Toledo’s running coach…here, we are protecting the sex predator

Sex scandal: The NSC would do well to either extend the terms of reference of the Sanchi committee to look into the sex scandal for which the alleging athlete had been ostracised and discriminated despite improving standards. (see: SCANDALS OF SEXUAL NATURE IN NIGERIAN ATHLETICS.http://olajidefashikun.blogspot.com/2011/10/scandals-of-sexual-nature-in-nigerian.html).

The allegation of discrimination was the outcome of my report (see Athletics Fraud of Nigeria (AFN) in World junior scandal


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Can justice start to apply to being a Nigerian? Uhm! This is a good precedence that has to be retained and sustained. See why we need a sports justice system? 


Time for questions
Time for questions


  • Where is the Sanchi report? Till date, no one has seen or has a copy of that report. Na like this we go dey dey?
  • The people who collected money from Ms Obiekwe and smuggled her to London 2012 may have paid for the Danladi Sanchi committee not to submit their report and they are still collecting money till today;
  • DCP Mohammed Sani, now Assistant Inspector General (AIG) is a member of the current Board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN);
  • An athletics coach who was in London 2017 World Championship team was involved in the World junior sex scandal in France. The athlete who refused the coach’s sexual advances was discriminated. Today, she is doing great. She was also in London. Where is the AFN report on that scandal? I did a petition to the AFN on that matter when it broke.
  • All these must stop in our athletics. The culprits must be identified and sanctioned NOW. We must start on a clean slate or we bury our athletics in rapes, corruption and forceful sexual advances from coaches to our daughters doing the sport.

Tomorrow: More revelations coming as usual.

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  1. Barrister Solomon Wada, Maiduguri

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