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Athletics: Naming and shaming the evils. Part 2

*Exorcism starts from the day evil source is known

This piece was published on Thursday 27th October 2011. It title then was: “scandals of sexual nature in Nigerian athletics.” Enjoy the full piece verbatim as published.

“A female long jump champion was beaten by her boyfriend in Algeria during the 9th All African Games. The crux of the matter is about sex scandal in the camp. I recalled reporting the incident which was vehemently denied then as a blatant lie. Those who are alive and know it is the truth know it was true. I can mention names of the key parties. All the key actors are still to date very relevant in the sport. There is a current board member of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) who was involved in a similar situation some years back. I also recall with accurate ken that I gave a clue to how some useless old men for daring to ask kids (yes, they were Under 20 year olds) for sex before they can represent Nigeria.

These shameless goats who call themselves ‘coaches’ and are supposed to be guardian ad litem to these kids wanted them to open their laps to be wantonly slept with because they must represent Nigeria.

One of them, a renown drug courier (he supplied 95% of the Nigerians in the sports caught with drug cases the drugs with which they are caught. A clear case was the 2010 Commonwealth games in India) where he gave the “little girls” (many of them are old enough to be retiring from child bearing though their ages were criminally beaten backwards) that when your coach sleeps with you, it helps you to perform better on the track!

Can we entrust this kid, like others, to these coaches?
Can we entrust this kid, like others, in athletics to these coaches?

THE CASE OF CITIZEN EKIBA: One of the girls who happened to have come from a well-trained Islamic background, let’s call her, Ekiba, objected to being slept with by one of the team’s coaches in France where the world youth championships took place earlier this year.

She was verbally harassed so much so that she was called all manners of names. Upon getting to find out that I already know of all the details because unlike my other issues, I wanted to call them to order diplomatically and let the girl grow in her career. So, I opted for a route I thought has an oversight function on them.

Instead, the girl was called and further lambasted. She was threatened never to have a space in the sport even if she is the best in the world. Every conspirator in this matter are supposed to be parents.

Their own daughters will face worse annihilations than they give to other people’s daughters. Their daughters will suffer unbearable hardships and terrible inhibitions 100 times which their fathers and mothers inflict unjustly on other people’s daughters.

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria was going to set up a committee to investigate the matter. They ordered her and her coach to come to Abuja for trials as if they were felons. She was writing her examinations then. I called some people who matter to tell the federation’s bosses to allow sleeping dogs lie lest I will blow out more damning facts at my disposal.

The issue is: what becomes of that case? Will these swindlers (because that is what they have become) have their way and kill the career of this young, innocent athlete because she won’t allow some fools to take advantage of her despite her talents? The more painful irony? She has been ordered by her parents to dump athletics.

Leave me alone or I will wreck the sport by the time I am out - rapists, druggists
Leave me alone or I will wreck athletics by the time I am out – rapists, druggists

BULL IN THE CHINA SHOP: Now, it is time to call the wild war shots finally. It is time for war. I think the lion is set to roar loud. Its loin has been badly bruised. This lion will fight fiercely. Some persons must go down. Either the forces of evil go down or truth and justice prevails. I am set for the very worst.

To show I am prepared, I have all documentary and other evidences adducible about how Nigeria has lied and cheated in age-grade international championships in the last two years.

I will send same to the IAAF secretariat in a petition. I will make the copies of my investigations (a 21-page material) public thereafter. I will also cause the National Assembly to as a matter of public interest cause the investigation of these sex abuse allegations and many more against the current board of the federation. (Ironically, the federation’s Vice President, a sound responsible and respected person, is a member of the parliament.)

If for this cause anyone thinks they can be funny, I am well prepared. I will be waiting. I wish them luck but if luck runs against them, as it has always been in previous encounters when I opened the case of the “Fantastic Four” of the then board of the NFF led by Sani Abdullahi Lulu, I will return to tell the story. They know like I know what transpired. They came after me but I triumphed.


King Solomon in the Bible was reputed to be blessed with a deep wide well of wisdom. It is also expected that every Solomon is a wise person who nurses and tends the fear of God in all they do.

Ann is an athlete who recorded 58.5secs in the hurdles. Ajoke Odumosu is expiring. Odumosu never ran 58 secs before leaving Nigeria. Ann had to be excluded from the national team because she denied Delta State a gold medal in the event at the last National Sports Festival in Port Harcourt. What a way to punish an athlete?


Time for questions
Time for questions


  1. When this matter was reported, the then Vice President, Ibrahim Gusau, is now the AFN President;
  2. Till date, all the details above remain same and fresh. Nothing has changed. Why must we maintain the same road? Why can’t we chart a new course if we want new results?
  3. Where is the AFN’s or any sport federation’s Child Protection Policy? This is where Mr Solomon Selcap Dalung must insist and achieve that this policy is in place and signed by all coaches who will have access to our innocent daughters.
  4. Was a 14-year old girl not tested positive to drugs in Warri some years ago? Who gave her the drugs? How did she come across the drugs? No one asked till date.

Much more to come…watch this space. Next one is about the drug couriers…tomorrow, yes, tomorrow. We must understand where we are coming to know where we are and prepare for where we want to be.

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  1. Barrister Solomon Wada, Maiduguri

    Chai! Diariz God o. See revelation dey flow from history. At this stage, with what i have read so far, I am not disppointed. Let all of us rise and seek for change.
    I never knew our athletics is this rotten.
    We must clean the stable clean. We cannot speak of progress with this quality of debris.
    Ko le werk!