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 Ayò Fáyòsé and his journey to Òkè-Láńgbòdó!

*Fáyòsé is taking a journey to the land of mystery and no return

Before I write anything below are my questions for Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Peter Fayose are:

  1. How conversant were you to Oke Lagbodo?
  2. When did your parents name you Akara Oogun?
  3. How are you going to get these seven powerful men?
    * Imadoye (knowledge becomes wisdom)
    * Olohun Iyoo (the sugarcoated singer).
    * Aramada Okunrin (wonderful man).
    * Kako Oni Kunma Ekun (Kako with lion bone).
    * Ifoye (lightweight).
    * Oloofa Inaa (a man with fire harrow bone).
    * Akaara Oogun (a man with plenty of charms).
    4. Are you sure PDP is ready to send you to Oke Lagbodo to retrieve the lost crown?
    5. How are you sure of your return from Oke Lagbodo and become a President?

Mr. Governor, I see no one that is joining you on this mysterious, dreadful, dangerous and wasteful journey. Except two men I will mention below.

Our of these seven men I mentioned above you only got two men which are Kako Oni Kunmo Ekun (ie Iyiola Omisore) and Olohun Iyoo (Femi Fani Kayode) but no Akara Oogun (Obasanjo), no Imadoye (IBB), Aramada Okunrin (Abdulsalami Abubakar) to support you and you think you can survive.
These two men will do what people did to Eerin (Elephant) when it wanted to become king.  The people were singing to praise Eerin, the song went does:

A o merin joba, ereku ewele… 
A o merin joba ereku ewele.
Eerin ka rele o, kowajoba
Eerin wewe o, eerin wewe
Iwoyi ola re e, eerin wewe o, eerin wewe
Agada ase fere, eerin wewe o, eerin wewe 
Eje a mase bulaa, esisi a mase yan un, eerin wewe o, eerin weweeeeeeee.

Not until Elephant found itself inside a very deep hole, full of broken bottles, sharp iron, sharp stones, many dangerous weapons and then realised people called it home to kill for pepper soup but not as a king has its thought.

Fayose for President 2019
Fayose for President 2019…hear this warning

Mr. Governor, I could remember on this journey those two men did not return back home from Oke Langbodo they perished on their way.

How are you going to survive the obstacles on the way? The eboras on the way? The jackals and hyenas on the way? The weere orun (INEC) on the way? And many bad things in Oke Langbodo?

Mr. Governor, why can’t you finish with Igbo Eledunmare (Ekiti State) in your hands first and the HONEY CALABASH you said APC government threw away which you promised Ekiti people to bring back for them within four years.

Mr. Governor, four years is gradually coming to an end, yet the HONEY CALABASH is not yet to be found. I want to ask you, what makes you believe you can win in Oke Langbodo the battle you could not win in Igbo Eledunmare?
Mr. Governor, why can’t you gba funlorun (concede to God, in Yoruba language) and have peace of mind with what you have been getting in Ekiti State?

My simple opinion is that finish from Igbo Eledunmare (Ekiti State) and go home you can’t rule Nigeria.

Nigeria and Nigerians did not need you now, maybe some other times when God is going to create a new world, a new Nigeria and a new Fayose with different characters then you can rule us.
I will advise you to wait till then.

Thank you.

God bless Nigeria.

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