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Bingham: Emperor Leonard Fwa, chaos, confusion

*Academic Staff Union troubled

*Acquired N7billion debt, owes workers five months salaries

*Lecturer 1 turned to Professor

*Details of many more atrocities exposed

Emperor Samuel Kursim Leonard-Fwa, is a professor and Vice Chancellor of Bingham University, Karu. He is the sole administrator of the University. He operates above the laws setting up the institution which belongs to the ECWA church.

Investigations by www.gongnews.net showed that the man has no respect for the rules and regulations setting up the university. Staffers and Unions on the campus are complaining bitterly about how the conduct of the VC is eroding the fine traditions of University governance.


Rev. Jeremiah Gado...gave a first class institution 9th best as VeeCee
Rev. Jeremiah Gado…gave a first class institution 9th best as VeeCee

According to our sources, the Vice Chancellor has repeatedly told those who bother to listen to him that only Rev. Jeremiah Gado who is the ECWA President can give him instructions because he owes his appointment to his grace.

Truly, he does all his things without the approval of the Senate, Council or even the Board of Trustees (BOT).

A member of the local Academic Staff Forum told www.gongnews.net that his appointment did not follow due process. He came ninth amongst those interviewed.

Upon his appointment, the Vice-Chancellor has appointed two Deputy Vice Chancellors without recourse to due process. The appointments were supposed to involve the University Senate. By the rules, the Vice Chancellor is required to send two names of Senate members to Senate for consideration. Senate will then elect one of the two candidates.

On two different occasions in three years, Fwa just informed Senate in one of few meetings called about his appointment of the Deputy Vice Chancellors.

Financial misapplication: Our source added that, the approval limit of the Vice-Chancellor is N1 million. Any money beyond that values must be presented to Finance & General Purposes Committee of the Council and from there to Council.

The Vice Chancellor does not obey the rules that set his approval limits. He awards supplies, jobs, contracts, building projects, purchases etc. without seeking approval of the relevant agencies. Jobs are awarded at his pleasure without even consulting with the end user departments nor recommendations or vetting by any committee before the jobs are awarded.

Award contracts to his wife, relations and associates: To show absolute disdain for the rules, there are three physical structures on campus which were not budgeted for, neither did they conform to the University’s Master plan. These are functions of poor planning and mismanagement of funds.

The Academic Staff Forum source added that, “contract jobs were awarded indiscriminately. Many of the jobs were awarded to his younger brothers, associate and friends. Even his wife was awarded several jobs running into millions of Naira.

For instance, the Director of Works, is the Vice Chancellor’s cousin. He was employed without following the due process for employment of a Management Staff; the Council directed that the position be advertised. The Vice-Chancellor never advertised this position but appointed and imposed his cousin Loacha Buba as the Director of Works on the University.

To perpetuate his administration, Fwa brought in a school mate of his, as the University Bursar.

Indiscriminate appointments: A list of staffers he recruited since becoming VccCee showed he had made over 100 appointments without recourse to due process. 85% of the beneficiaries are his relatives and cronies who are mostly incompetent and which is in defiance to the Council’s directive that in employing non-teaching staff ECWA should be given a higher percentage.

He has employed several Professors without appointments and background check. He even directed that a Lecturer I, from Nasarawa State University Keffi be given a Professorship. Some recently awarded Professors were appointed by him on his table without any form of external assessment. None of these appointments were considered at Appointments and Promotions Committee. I hereby give the registry a notice to produce the names of the Professors appointed between 2013 to 2017.

For refusing to appoint his lackey, the President of ECWA unilaterally dissolved the former Board of Trustees and the Council headed by Gen Agwai because they refused to appoint Professor Leonard Fwa as Vice Chancellor.

Academic qualification: In the interview for the office of the Vice Chancellor, Fwa’s performance was below average. He came a distant and came a distant 9th among other applicants.

His educational qualification is an issue that is openly discussed in the University setting. His got a BSC in Sociology, a Masters in Law and Diplomacy and a Doctorate in Political Science made the scholars wondered which field he is professing from.

Manipulation of University appointments: Professor Fwa had single handedly appointed three internal members to the Bingham University Council. To compensate his Godfather, the ECWA President’s cousin who was appointed to serve on Council representing the Senate, yet he is not a member of the Senate. Fwa also unilaterally appointed an acting Registrar.

The Vice Chancellor’s financial mismanagement has pushed the university into a debt of about N7.2 billion. Staffers are being owed about five months salary and pension since 2012 to date. Income taxes are not remitted to Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

*More details coming in tomorrow’s report. Don’t miss it. Gory details of a great ECWA dream exposed!

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  1. Francis l ( Garki Abuja)

    Wow! Exposed at last. Please you did not mention that he was suspended. This report is sans gongnews

    • you did not say he was given leave till the end of the visitation panel’s report and since the report has been submitted 3 months now. everybody has kept mum.
      If he was found guilty of anything the press would have come out full blast. Bingham has gained so much from this nonense administrator. If Prof Fwa was the problem, how come 5 months salary is still owed by December when he was forced on leave since August?

      • U may need to be on d inside to truly understand d deep mess Bingham University is in. Fwa has spent and misappropriated school fees for even the 2019/2020 academic session which r yet to be collected. He has mortaged d future of dt University wit frivolous bank loans,….thats d principal reason why salaries wud continue to be owed in Bingham University throughout 2018, and perhaps 2019 too.

  2. Here are a few very verifiable facts. I will number them;
    1. Prof Ajorin (of blessed memory) was the VC b4 Prof Fwa. As VC, Anjorin earned a professor’s salary of a paltry N600k. Fwa collects at least N2.5m as VC. The ECWA Visitation Panel indicted him on dis issue, that Fwa is d highest paid VC in Nigeria.

    2. Prof Anjorin’s official vehicle as VC up to 2013 Sept when he left was a tokunbo 2003 Toyota Camry (aka big for nothing). After about 1yr in office Fwa bought for himself a brand new 2015 Toyota Prado (not tokunbo) for N20m.

    3. Throughout d tenure of Anjorin, salaries were never owed staff into d next month. Fwa came in Sept/Oct 2013, by March/April 2014 Fwa ad started owing salaries into d next month. December 2014, December 2015, and December 2016 salaries were not paid by Fwa until like March of d next year.

    4. Prof Fwa put Bingham University in the mess it is in 2day bcos he squandered student fees on projects, took bank loans in billions, and den tied payment of des bank loans to future school fees……