Bukola Saraki, FG deceit and bloodless wars of shame

*Kwarans take your fate in your hands

I cannot but congratulate the masses for their success in the trial of Senator Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). It is so unfortunate that up till now several numbers of the masses are yet to realise the fact that they could not get more than leakages of information as to their trusted leaders and their entrusted resources. People devoted their time and resources towards watching the just concluded trial of Senator Bukola Saraki at CCT with a belief that Saraki’s enemies were their friends: a thought that has left them in cluelessness since a time immemorial.

Only a stupid Nigerian who has carefully watched this trial over several months will come back that he has not learnt enough to decide on whether or not to continue in the voyage of mortgaging his life in slavery.

If you have not been told, I think it is my duty to quickly inform you that the scuffle between executive or presidency as it maybe and legislature are not in any way connected with the well being of any of you (masses) but a battle for the lion share in what belongs to you and I.

Thus, the enemies of your enemies in this context are your enemies. The fact that Bukola Saraki is the enemy of good governance as advocated by some Nigerians may be right and may be a political blackmail to determine who gets what in the looted properties of the masses depending on convincing argument for or against. Much have we learnt from the just concluded trial of Saraki at the CCT.

It is not an intelligible argument to opine that Justice Danlad Umar has not done justice to the no case submission filed against the prosecution case. What more could a helpless and embarrassed justice do to the case of prosecution which neither has wing to fly nor legs to walk to the next stage of trial?

Our judicial system has been reduced to a mere process of settling scores among politically eminent personalities. A quick flash back at the trial will show a dramatic means by which masses were stupefied. None of the litigants sought for justice as it has no positive consequence on the game play. Michael Wetkass is an expert witness of a prolific status who presents issue of fact together with grease of evidence as dictated by his boss (executive) when called upon. It was so unfortunate to see the stupidity of Wetkass as demonstrated in his watery evidence. A witness like Wetkass who was called upon to testify against an accused person will surely not testify to create a safe landing avenue for his prey if not directed by his employer.

More so, the efficiency and effectiveness of Rotimi Jecob float in the sky for people to see. None would expect the characterisation display of the honourable SAN in his activism while prosecuting Senator Bukola Saraki. I am pretty sure that a police officer prosecuting in the Magistrate court of Kwara State will not prosecute matters like Barrister Rotimi Jacob and expect a contrary ruling from the court.

A critical assessment of the scenario painted in the presentation of the evidence is a clear suspicion of political malpractice. Starting from the destruction of primary evidence by the fire outbreak and subsequent misplacement of secondary evidence together with a failure of prosecuting counsel to observe the rule of lifting veil of incorporation to establish how Senator Bukola Saraki connected with those properties presented in the name of companies claiming to be his will only demonstrate intellectual harassment to the masses.

Amendments of charges, appeals, muscles flexed by the litigants and courts were mere ingredients employed by script writers to make the entire drama look real. Alas! Masses have watched and they have realised how insincere this administration is.

It is an unfortunate situation to declare to the masses that the entire procedure and processes of handling this matter shows a well articulate script written by the presidency, edited by the accused person (Dr. Bukola Saraki) to negotiate who gets what in the public treasury to annoy, provoke and mock the masses.

It is a different ballgame if the evidence is not available to prosecute the accused person. It is obvious that evidence is available but the prosecution was keeping the evidence as a joker to regulate the scores. When the scores were settled, the evidence was shelved, justice was blackmailed and the masses were stupefied.

At this juncture, I cannot but stress the fact that in all these political profanity the masses have learnt enough to take control of their reasoning, identified the true nature of Dr. Bukola Saraki while unfolding those monstrous activities of his parochial leadership. It further shows how mischievous the change agenda of the present administration entails and how far can they be relied on to carry the masses to the Promised Land as they earlier believed.

I have said earlier and I will say it again that nothing positive is expected to come from any desperate person no matter how much he tried. Blackmailing, propaganda, false flavour theories and political elimination are identified with the present administration. An indiscriminate fight against corruption should be a watchword for this government who has assumed power through the scheme of integrity.

Finally, I call on the attention of Kwarans to the fact that their destiny will always reside in them and nobody will fight their war for them except they are ready to act fast. Kwarans must vote to avoid their resources being moved out of their abode to a distance where they will not smell them anymore. Kwarans must vote to liberate themselves from slavery of the current administration. Kwarans must vote to benefit from dividends of democracy. Kwarans must vote to stop foreigners from taking absolute control of their economy. Kwarans must vote to install competent representatives rather than sycophant’s loyalists who will do anything to please their masters at the detriment of the masses. Kwarans must vote to freedom once again. May God help us in the bloodless wars ahead.


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