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Can Herman Hembe return N47,670,086 to NASS in 90 days?

*Details of what he is expected to return

Herman Hembe has been removed from the House of Representatives by the Supreme Court’s order. The removal which comes with extra baggage: he is to refund, within 90 days, “all the salaries/allowances and or emoluments he collected while occupying the seat”.

What Herman Hembe is expected to return to NASS in 90 days
What Herman Hembe is expected to return to NASS in 90 days

So how much has he received in salaries and allowances since the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly on the 9th June, 2015.

According to a report published by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), which was obtained by Economic Confidential magazine, a member of House of Representatives earns N1, 985,212 as basic salary annually. This is beside annual allowance of N9,740,310, which includes motor vehicle fuelling and costs of maintenance, constituency, domestic staff, a personal assistant, entertainment, recess, utilities, newspapers/periodicals, house maintenance and wardrobe.

Also, all members of the House are entitled to N23, 822,000 as allowance for accommodation, furniture; severance and car loan are paid once in four years.

Therefore, Hembe, having spent two years in the lower chamber is expected, by the order of the Supreme Court, to return N3,970,424, being his basic salary for two years, and N9, 740,310, his annual allowance.

He will also return N23, 822,000, allowance for accommodation furniture, severance and car loan paid once in four years, plus N198,521.25 as annual leave allowance.

In all, Herman Hembe will return the sum of N47,670,086 to the Federal Government within 90 days.

Question that will agitate any sane and logical mind is, most of these monies would have been expended. Can he get enough to return the sum within the period in question? If not, what happens? A breach of court order?

Beyond all these, he would most likely not be able to refer to himself as a member of the House of Representatives during the period he served, sat and enjoyed all the privileges of that parliament. Does this speak about the speed with which our justice system delivers justice? Looking at the prism: justice delayed is justice denied. Does it make any sense?

Source: Economic Confidential magazine

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