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Candidate who lost N13.5million, election reel in pain

*How his campaign failed so badly

By Olajide Fashikun

Our investigation on the last sports federations election has revealed that a candidate whose sponsor and godfather provided the larger chunk of the budget of N13.5million in one of the racket federations are both licking their wounds wondering what hit them.

Sadly, that federation’s election looked the toughest because the campaign of one of the parties was hinged on religion and not what the candidate can deliver.

Delegates to the election collected monies from the candidate and voted according to their hearts. This left the spending candidate with 19 votes as against the 31 votes the more popular candidate got. The shock of the whole process came from the Vice President elect who lives in Kaduna who was given all manners of pressures including the use of some influential emirs to make him withdraw.

The major sponsor, a former President of the federation, who presently holds the numero uno position in the African body, is facing a petition from a former national team player. According to those who know, by the time the investigation is concluded, he may lose the African position.

In order to achieve their goals, about N3million was spent on a cabal which took room in the Nicon Luxury before and during the election. The cabal was to disqualify the Lagos-based victor, replace the chairman of the electoral committee who was a former President of the federations in Nigeria and Africa, an Architect.

The cabal was able to disqualify a former Nigerian number one in the sport. The lady was alleged does not have tax papers. The wife of a prominent journalist had sent in her papers by e-mail and hard copy. She was going for the Vice President slot. The other team cannot afford a woman to be Vice to their Presidential candidate.

Now, the Nicon Luxury cabal was able to influence the disqualification of the former women number one but could not get that of the main man and the chairman of the electoral committee.

Bottomline, N13.5million went down the drain, the lost the election and tried to upturn the victory they could not secure from the polls from the Petitions and Appeals Committee. Sadder, efforts to penetrate the Petitions and Appeals Committee proved futile. What next for the sport that produced an Olympian some years ago?

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