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Chizor Malize speaks at international women speakers summit in Abuja

*AA+ rated event no woman should miss

Chizor Malize of award-winning Brandzone Consulting  is one of the star speakers at the Elite Women Development Network International (a.k.a ELITE Women Network – EWN) first Women Speakers Summit in Abuja, Nigeria, this July!

With the sterling line-up of speakers and facilitators from Nigeria and beyond, the professionally-crafted multi-topical and multi-disciplinary content and the luxurious ambience of the conference venue that the Summit offers, this event is expected to indeed meet its objectives, impact the lives of women from all works of life – at home and in diaspora, while positioning its participants for global and lasting significance, influence, and legacy.

Conceptualised, crafted and convened by the Founding Partners: Ms. Shirley Nkechinyere Hills and Mrs. Uyi Nicholas Odinuwe (both passionate women’s development advocates). The Women Speakers Summit is a signature event of the organisation’s International Women Speakers Consortium and is specially designed for any woman whose business, career, or social endeavour requires her voice to be heard, hailed and adhered to.

It is a global platform for aspiring and achieving women to find, nurture, and harness their voice and the power of speaking; locally and globally, in order to network, collaborate, expand their influence, and position their brands and businesses for lasting global significance, influence, and legacy using their voice.

The Keynote Speaker for this year’s edition is Branding Queen (and Forbes Woman), Chizor Malize of award-winning Brandzone Consulting LLC. Amongst it’s international and Nigerian-based speakers, the event promises to be worth it’s value of N25,000. This prized event will be setting aside some proceeds from the purchased tickets and in-cash donations to fund the in-process “Doom-to-Boom” initiative of the organisation – a confidence and capacity building restorative and empowerment initiative for female victims of abuse, neglect, and gender-based violence.

The International Women Speakers Consortium’s vision is to create a world void of limitations, in which women are encouraged, empowered and energised to authentically and excellently express themselves; using their voice to powerfully build and take ownership of their world, thereby inspiring others and igniting transformation within their circles, companies, and communities at large, while rooting for a life of significance, influence and legacy.

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