Chris Green:Technical Committee have no input in players invitation

*Wish Pinnick best of luck after CAF election

By Oluwole Francis

Chairman Technical Committee, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Barrister Christopher Green said it’s a cardinal requirement that coaches who go out for tournaments and matches are required to hand in technical reports of matches. It’s a strict requirement because it enables the Technical department to evaluate the games as well as the coaches. The Technical department also sends in their technical reports after matches.

National team coaches on assignment are also required to prepare and send in Technical programme for their competitions. My observation in the past years is that not all the coaches comply fully. Technical reports can be distinguished from programme of events or report of events. It’s strictly technical and technical language is used in reporting.
As regards invitation of players and vetting of list. The Technical committee does not have any input whatsoever in the invitation of players. The best we can contribute is advice. The coach is solely responsible for the invitation of players.

The Technical committee vets if I can use your language for necessary checks like eligibility to play which includes passport checks, availability of the players, discipline.

What do we intend to achieve from the friendly matches. Firstly let’s give kudos to Amaju Pinnick for pulling this one through. It’s almost impossible to get any team to play us because of our standing in the ranking and our non qualification to two editions of the Africa Cup of Nation and there is dearth of sponsors.

We needed to play these matches to prepare our team for Nations Cup and the World Cup qualifiers. You will recall that the team has not regrouped since after we played against Algeria. Our coach is still new and he has to instil his philosophy to the group. We have to fashion cohesion and understanding amongst the players. He has to assess new players that are doing well currently for possible replacement for those that are lacking in form and fitness.

He has to experiment on strategy and tactics suitable for the team for future games and bonding amongst players and officials. The selection of players invited has only one home based which was not done in consultation with the Technical committee but we have approved it because it’s the coaches call.

My mind tells me that the coach decided on that because our league has not gone far into the season compared to others in Europe. Same reason for the exclusion of our regulars in China.

On our President’s election. All I can say is all is well that ends well. Mine is to wish him the very best and support whichever way I can. My desire is to crown all these with a world cup qualification which is uppermost in our minds as individuals and as a board. We have moved on and Amaju has a lot on his shoulders. We have spoken and he has lofty plans for our football.



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