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Commissioner divides Omupo Muslim community on political lines

Abdulfatah Ahmed Kwara State governor…his Commissioner sets community on war path

*Organises forced suspension of Chief Imam

*Puts Central mosque under lock

*Arm twists monarch into playing politics

By Olajide Fashikun

Igbominas all over the world are known to be shrewd business people and can use their calmness to overwhelm you so long as you do not rub it on their sense of peace. This theory may have been over stretched in the sleepy Omupo community where the Muslims community has been shredded into two camps likely to lead to a boil during today’s juma’at service.

Investigations conducted by www.gongnews.net showed that one of the commissioners of governor Abdulfatah Ahmed who hails from the community is at the centre of bringing politics into the dominantly Muslim community.

The commissioner, Wasiu Odewale, responsible for Planning and Economic Development, was reportedly not comfortable with the community’s young and fiery Chief Imam’s preachings and promptings on the State Government to ensure payment of salaries and hitting at some of the things that the people are averse at.

In an attempt to cut the Imam’s courageous and fierce preaching, he was to be made to tone down his criticism of the government, rather than tone down, he went on the higher octave because according to him in one of his sermons, it is better I speak the truth and die than temper the truth because of man and die. My hereafter is sweeter than now.

Last week Friday during the juma’at service, the Imam was just finishing his sermon when the monarch of the community, the Olupo of Omupo, who is also a Muslim was alleged to have collected the microphone from him. Shortly after, the commissioner walked into the mosque.

Thereafter, the monarch ordered that the central mosque be locked and pronounced the suspension of the Chief Imam. These actions did not go down well with youths of the town who had sent emissaries to the monarch to drop out of the controversy and that by today, if the mosque is not opened, there will be war.

Meanwhile, the youths reasoned that how can the monarch say he is suspending the Chief Imam who he (the monarch) has no role in his (Chief Imam)’s appointment?

As at the time of going to press, the mosque is not yet opened. Yet, there is no presence of any security agents to quell the crises if it will eventually happen as was threatened by the youths who seemingly are very much at home with the Chief Imam’s preachings.

When www.gongnews.net sought the views and perspectives of the Commissioner, we sent him an email and alerted him with a text message on his two known lines. He responded on the SMS seeking to “know you” after the first SMS told him: “Hon Commissioner, we sent you a media inquiry by email. We will be glad if you will oblige us a response verbally or in writing. Thanks. Olajide Fashikun of www.gongnews.net

Thereafter, we pulled three voice calls to his phone which he shunned and has no courtesy of returning any of the calls. A little background check on him showed he is “very arrogant and feels on top of the world. His demeanour is that they are in government and as a result, their views and opinions becomes the law.”

Meanwhile, further investigations showed that the Olomu was invited by the Commissioner of Police upon the demand by the Chief Imam for protection upon the threats on his life.

The Chief Imam was made to sign an undertaking guaranteeing peace in the community by the police when several other allegations were framed against the Imam around financial recklessness which the Police upped in the issues at hand.

An interim Imam has been appointed by the Olomu to conduct the juma’at today claiming the Chief Imam remains suspended. It is also likely that the police will keep a high level of presence around the time of the prayers.




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