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Corruption as ointment that lubricates complexities of Nigeria

*How can we kill corruption before it kills us? 

Up till the present moment no one has been able to depict the rationale behind the amalgamation of Nigeria by the colonial masters as far back as 1914. Over a hundred years now, you and I are living in a mere illusion of the merger. In an attempt to justify the merger, people say it is for administrative conveniences while some say a mere geographical neighbourhood of the ethnics. These reasons are not tenable justifications considering the eventual use of the tactic of Divide and Rule.

This wouldn’t have been implored when the merger was actually for administrative conveniences. Administratively speaking, there was no single foundation favourable for the merger as at 1914. The pre-colonial administrations in the north and that of south were not similar, the languages were not related, the peoples were not alike, even nature gaped their coexistence, the confluence of Niger and Benue speak the volume for the wiser ones. I think it is a mere laboratory child-play with the dilution of unfriendly chemicals in a test tube under the close supervision of an expert observer who regulates every reaction, resistance and pressure with an ointment called corruption.

The confusion were technically and carefully infused at the Berlin Conference where the scramble and partition of Africa were given illegal justification and marketing decorum. Both the components and compositions of the Berlin Conference were not unaware of the effect of putting up a country we call Nigeria.

Even a common fool would have envisaged more than the present commotion in the country knotted and pillared with corruption. If not for a child-play, northern Nigeria would have been fine with Niger Republic while South-Western Nigeria will be fine with Republic of Benin and more and more.

The complexity of Nigerians is so much that only a magic touch of corruption sailed us this far.

A country with about 102 ethnics group and more than 300 dialects has tried so well in gluing together pretending to be one indissoluble entity. A mere geographical neighbourhood is not enough justification of an ideal nation. What is in the neighbourhood if a cry of Ijaws is an excellent rhythm to the celebration of the Itsekiris?

When the Yoruba people of Ilorin can not express pleasantries with Nupe people of Patigi in the same Kwara State. The only language that brings us all together is corruption. If not for corruption, Islamic predominantly dominated Hausas of North will neither vote Obasanjo of berebe linage nor Jonathan of yanmiri descendant and how also would you see an ideal Yoruba accepting the leadership of Yar’Adua of a tribe believed to be equated to cow? If this is far, what can you say of Tinubu negotiating Lagos out for Jonathan even when he has presidential flag bearer for his party in 2011? I will not disagree if you call it interest, but you should agree with me in equal proportion that every unhealthy interest is corruption.

One clear fact is that since the inception of corruption in Nigeria, this country has worked harder and has succeeded in using corruption to fight corruption. In the situation like this, Nigerians wouldn’t expect lesser than this advanced corruption. The concept of War Against Indiscipline only succeeded in swapping the baton of corruption for those who were initially at the bench. Both ICPC, DSS and EFCC were tools used to silence the opposition to a dictatorial government, no wonder that those celebrated cases of corruption remained inconclusive up till now and we only celebrate insignificant ones and majority submitted themselves for justice.

Everyday the Federal Government amend charges against Senate President (Dr. Bukola Saraki) at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) corruption trial. It became a full-fledged virus the moment the concept of sincerity of purpose disappeared. The in-vogue measure against corruption is the principle of pick and choose. It will definitely take us to nowhere. Sometime, I wonder what could be the trusted way of shipping corruption out of our precious country.

I am sure whistleblowers activities is doing well but I am sure the propounders did not anticipate a situation where by people would be asking them the real owners of the monies. I thought this government would have stepped up their game from their initial scheme of propaganda. Mind you, propaganda may take you to power but it will definitely not fuel good governance.

If our law can not simply ask a senate president who is standing trial of several criminal offences to hibernate a while pending the determination of his trial, the law is definitely sick. I pray Nigerians will not call Jonathan and his disciples back to continue their looting activism.

In my thinking activism, I realise several theories have been propounded but Nigerians have circumvented all. Several criminals of high profile in corruption have evaded punishment they richly deserved because those prosecutors handling these matters lack what it takes to secure conviction against these criminals.

Aside Rotimi Jacobs (SAN) I find it hard to see any other prosecutor who is so competent and hold their work as dearly as if their lives depend on it. Aside the incompetent, the indiscipline of the prosecution is bigger than the criminals’. I am definitely sure that plea bargain became operative based on spending of government on prosecution of corrupt people which yield no result. I hope with a little modification, plea bargain will help much. Though the plea bargain system is not 100% conclusive means of avoiding corruption.

If truly majority of those who are running the National Assembly are criminals, I am sure that is a correct image of Nigerians. An average Nigerian is a corrupt person. What do we do? If you change the entire members of the National Assembly and replace them with new set of people, we would surely see more criminals than you can imagine.

The like of our current president is hard to come about in Nigeria. Alas! Buhari only escape money accumulation but favouritism, tribalism, sectionalism, fanaticism and several other corrupt practices are endorsed by Mr. President. When we say the beautiful ones are not yet born and the ugly ones refuse to die people think we are not making sense. That the reality is becoming unfolded, it will definitely go beyond our dreams.

Nigerians are synonymous to corruption, the level of involvement is the only arguable substance. Every attempt, calculated attempt and attempted attempt to fight corruption is to fight the very foundation of Nigerians’ existence. A hundred years is enough for this experimental awkwardness. It is obvious that it is practically impossible to keep going on as one Nigeria when indeed we are a multiple Nigeria.

Our readiness to fight corruption will indeed be helped by the current devaluation of crude oil. Unfortunately on the other hand, the very ointment of corruption that survives this country this far is being threatened and the consequence is nothing short of secession.

I think prayer will do the magic needed to have a good people and a great nation. May God accept our forgiveness and let what he endowed us with be useful for us at ease.

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