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Dont let me face EFCC, I will return what I stole – Governor begs

*Begs Presidency to avoid EFCC inquisition

One of the nation’s reckless state governors who violently took about $3million from the Paris Club refund meant to pay civil servants in his state to build a hotel in Lagos in in trouble now. He is begging not to face EFCC now or in the future and that he will return balance of what he had stolen through his proxies.

According to information available to www.gongnews.net the notorious governor whose aides have already surrendered about $500,000 of the money to the EFCC was reportedly spotted disguising in Aso Rock to be running from one office to the other in the corridors of the Presidential Villa in desperate search for help.

He was said to have offered to refund the balance of $2.5 million quietly to the EFCC without being further investigated. One of his proxies used to launder the funds had already surrendered $500,000 to the anti-graft agency during the week.

The government source said: “he was looking visibly disturbed. He wanted to be protected. He realised he has been exposed. He is ready to refund the balance of $2.5 million.

“He had audience with some senior government officials. He made a commitment to pay back quietly to avoid any political backlash. He is begging not to be exposed and also that his proxies be not subjected to trial.

“How far his prayers will be answered remains a conjecture. For the two days, the acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo refused to see him. He has been asked to go and return the monies first before a firm decision will be made on his pleas. From the look of things, he may not escape. His proxies may be re-arrested and taken to court.

However, informed sources say that “the governor may also be facing impeachment by his State Assembly if and when the matter becomes public on its own. He will certainly face prosecution if and whenever he leaves office.”

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