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EDITORIAL: ChannelsTV’s professionalism staked on the anvil of propaganda

*Search your soul, do feedback research before you go down

It is sad. It is painful and soul-rending when a station that has grown in the stature of professionalism, trust and confidence suddenly enter the mud of what others do. This is a station that had separated itself and stood out in terms of colour, standard, presentation and all that is the hallmark of journalism as it is practiced in other lands.

Nobody in its right senses would have thought that a distinguished station like Channels Television would have brought the outstanding era represented by the late Joe Ighile, Tayo Balogun, Ladi Akeredolu-Ale to the stye where pigs enjoys the mud and dirt of earth.

We wish the management of the station realized that in the last two years, her stable had been shamelessly used as a platform for sectionalism and most recently, lies, propaganda and one-sidedness forgetting that her audience, both in Nigeria and beyond are a discerning, well informed and educated audience.

The era where journalists are blindly believed ad trusted as the symbol of truth is over. These days the audience knows as well and sometimes better because the sources of information are diverse, deep and well situated.

Since the election that brought in the Amaju Pinnick faction of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), it is sad that Channels Television (except their Sunday afternoon bouquet marshaled by Ken Ochonogor) not only took side but feed their viewers with jaundiced reports of only one side while shutting out the broadcast space against their perceived enemies, the Giwa faction.

The last three outing of the warring football factions in the Supreme Court which had been taken out of news proportion but into propaganda makes the matters worse. Channels Television joined the majority of media practitioners who sold the ethics of the jobs for a plate of porridge.

Did the station and its friends not erroneously reported to Nigerians that the Supreme Court had dismissed the Giwa faction’s case? Only weeks later, precisely on 17th January for the same court to hear the matter reportedly dismissed.

The latest outing. Channels Television went on to claim that the matter has been dismissed again whereas the court only adjourned the matter by refusing the motion for accelerated hearing. Channels Television also misinformed Nigerians about the N100,000 granted one of the parties.

We wish the management of the station will have a feedback system to measure responses of Nigerians on the social media about the build-up to the latest development. Nigerians audience cannot be taken for a ride. Not again.

Both on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp sports and news groups. The attack on the age-long, slow and steady blocks of progress are being smeared by a bunch of its staffers on what was supposed to be its sports desk. That arm of the station are simply unprofessionals, news murders, propagandists, liars, character assassination and unfit to be paraded as journalists. They are like the others they have always excelled over some years past.

Here, we sing the Nunc Dimitis for the station that used to be the pride of television broadcast in Nigeria.

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