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EXPOSED: Al Jazeera re-states allegation of match fixing against Nigeria

*Harambee Stars of Kenya…new plank of crises hitting the team’s 2010 World Cup qualifiers

*Establish grand corruption within Harambee Stars!

By Olajide Fashikun with Agency Reports

Aljazeera, the Asian television power house, in an investigative piece on their show “People and Power ” have alleged that east African nation, Kenya, amongst several other African nations had been part and parcel of a fixed gambling ring which involves Nigeria in match fixing.

According to the allegations made by the investigative piece, the gambling ring started of in Singapore before spreading to the Super Eagles of Nigeria…under new match fixing allegations?

It’s tentacles across the globe and touching not just on amateur games but friendlies as well. The investigation was carried out recently and mentioned in particular a game between Kenya and Nigeria in 2009 during the South African World Cup qualifier. This allegation is refusing to die. It is only resurrecting.

The man behind the whole deal is mentioned as Wilson Raj Perumal who became a key suspect and later witness in FIFA’s clampdown on corruption.

Former Harambee Stars coach Twahir Muhhidin has called for thorough investigations by authorities into the latest allegations of match fixing involving the 2010 World Cup qualifying fixture between Kenya and Nigeria. The match was held in Nairobi on the 14th November, 2009.

Sepp Blatter…I keep my mouth shut on this so that my election will not be affected
Sepp Blatter…I keep my mouth shut on this so that my election will not be affected

Fresh allegations surfaced on Thursday on the Aljazeera 26-minute documentary titled “Killing the ball”.

“If those allegations are true, it means (the Biblical) Judas (Iscariot) has finally betrayed these players,” said Muhiddin, who was coach of Kenya then.

“They should carry their own cross, having cost us tens of millions of shillings and betrayed their country of birth.

Investigations need to be carried out and these players named and shamed,” Muhiddin, who now handles Bandari in the Kenyan Premier League said.

A file picture showing Wilson Maj Perumal in the Lapland district court in Rovaniemi, Finland. Photograph: Kaisa Siren/AP
A file picture showing Wilson Maj Perumal in the Lapland district court in Rovaniemi, Finland.
Photograph: Kaisa Siren/AP

Approached players: In the documentary, an Asia- based football broker Wilson Raj Perumal approached three Kenyan players (two of whom started the game) with instructions to “ensure everything is done to enable Nigeria win the match, a result that sent the west African country through to the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

Perumal arrived in Nairobi three days to the match accompanied by three of his associates including Manimaran Kalimuthu whom the Aljazeera report suggests used to carry “loads of money to facilitate payments”.

The four booked in and stayed at the Safari Park Hotel, which is located less than a kilometre from where the match took place and also where Harambee Stars players were residing.

Kalimuthu claims his boss Perumal met with the said players before and after the match.

The agreement according to the report, was that the Kenyan players be paid Sh7 million (on current exchange rates) to ensure Kenyan lost the match. Nigeria beat Kenya 3-2 to qualify for the World Cup.

The starting line-up on the day had Willis Ochieng’, Musa Otieno (now Harambee Stars assistant coach), Edgar Ochieng’, George Owino, Julius Owino, John Njoroge, Victor Wanyama, Peter Opiyo, Dennis Oliech, Patrick Oboya and Emmanuel Ake.

The reserves bench had Wilson Oburu, Pascal Ochieng’, Joackins Atudo, Hillary Echesa, Patrick Osiako, John Barasa and Allan Wanga. “I have two players…or three players in the Kenyan Aljazeera’s People & Power…logo of the programme team and they will ensure Nigerians win on the day,” Perumaj is heard saying on the video.

Responded through e-mail: One of the Kenyan players – according to the report – responded through email confirming he was ready to do business.

“Listen my friend, we r serious n ready 4 the biz. We promise u we wont let u down,” he wrote.

The report adds that both the Kenya FA, which recently suggested that the 2015 Africa Cup of Nation qualifier between Kenya and Lesotho was fixed and went ahead to constitute a probe committee. No date no word has been said about the investigations or findings of the team.

Al-Jazeera…re-ignite dying scandal: The television report says Fifa has been reluctant to comment on the Nigeria versus Kenya match Muhhidin – who took over as coach of Harambee Stars days to the match following the abrupt resignation of German Antoine Hey, insisted he selected the team on his own, but that he considered advice from a “Council of Elders” which had been put in place by the federation consisting former national coaches Jacob “Ghost” Mulee, James Siang’a and Mohammed Kheri.

Besides Kenya, Perumal also confesses to influencing the outcome of matches in Mozambique, Lesotho, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, while his company also influenced the outcome of high profile games at the Women World Cup in China (2007), Olympic Games in Beijing (2008), Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana (2008), AFC Cup in Asia (2008) Gold Cup in USA and “several” 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Embattled NFF officials approached will not make comments about the report.

This report was published originally like this unedited on Friday, 20 Feb 2015. Our website was brutally destroyed with its database because of our refusal to bring down this story even for a fee. We had opened up the investigation. Now, we have big revelations running in a serial. Enjoy the build-up.

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