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EXPOSED: How British Airways steal from Nigerians

*Nigerians must be the biggest fools on earth

*British Airways diplomatically stealing from Nigerians

By Olajide Fashikun

Nigerian government must respond to the economic pilferage of its citizens by the official carriers of the British government, the British Airways, whose official pricing policy underlines a policy direction that points to the fact that, ‘Nigerians are the biggest fools in the world, cheat them and let’s make money. They don’t know how to complain.’

Accra to Heathrow...real price
Accra to Heathrow…real price
Lagos to Heathrow...systemic cheating of Nigerians
Lagos to Heathrow…systemic cheating of Nigerians

Imagine two travellers leaving Accra and Lagos to Heathrow Airport. The Accra passenger is paying the economy price of $518 while for the same class the Lagos passenger is to pay $1,740! A difference of $1,222 is stolen from a Lagos passenger which is enough for a Ghanaian passenger to do three trips and still have change.

For the same flight, the Accra passenger will fly Business Class for $1,776 while the Lagos passenger pays $3,172. The difference here is $1,396 which is almost double the cost of a second trip by the same class of trip!

This is simply put economic discrimination. Sheer fraud and plain stealing. Are Nigerians less human and unwanted in United Kingdom?

Contacted for his reaction, Iyke Mbadiwe, a lecturer told www.gongnews.net that, “the saddest part of it is that, when Nigerians go apply for their visa, they diminish our people, charge so exorbitantly, and they will give all manners of reasons in the world to deny people visa. Less than 10% of the applicants are given visa. They dehumanise our people with their stupid, discriminatory conditions.

“Even at that, the Nigerian government have always pretended not to be be aware of these racist policies of the British government against her citizens right here inside our country. This is unacceptable, irresponsible and does not promote respect for neither the people nor the government,” said Adebambo Ogunyele, a human rights activist/ lawyer.

Ogunyele added, “these are people who stole both human, material and all imaginable resources from our nation to develop their country. The stealing hasn’t stopped. This latest one is very criminal and is an assault on the collective psyche of Nigerians. It is unacceptable.”

“We need to raise a protest for Nigerians to boycott everything British until these nonsense is redressed. If this does not make sense, then, we may revert to a massive protest, shut down all British interests by the people. We may not wait for the government to do this for us. We, the people, of Nigeria should take our fate in our hands since our government does not feel the pain. British imperialism must stop.”

Currency of facts: We decided to re-assess our facts and did a search at the same time and date leaving all parameters to be the same. The search was done on the 4th October 2017. For a Lagos to Heathrow passenger

Lagos to Heathrow...cheating and stealing confirmed
Lagos to Heathrow…cheating and stealing confirmed
Accra to Heathrow...economical truth in pricing
Accra to Heathrow…economical truth in pricing

travelling on the 4th October will pay $2,608 in the economy and if flying Business Class would have paid $5564.

Comparatively, an Accra to Heathrow passenger would have paid $1,158 for economy and if flying Business Class would have paid $3,398.

By eduction, a Nigerian passenger is paying $1,450 more than a Nigerian flying from Accra to the same Heathrow whereas, if the same passenger were to be flying the Business Class, he or she would have paid $2,176 more if flying from Accra.

There certainly is no economic theory that would have explained the price differential between the cost an Accra passenger is paying vis-à-vis a Lagos passenger. Not even the economic principle called Vebleen Effect would have justified the propensity to cheap the Nigerian passengers.

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  1. Victor Oke, Switzerland

    God catch those British thieves. Thank you for exposing the long nosey white segregationists.

  2. Obiageli Ndukwe, Houston TX

    Yipee! This is to me a master piece exposing those British bastards. Ole, thief, burglars, highway robbers, they are worse than boko haram insurgents. Infact, they are economic insurgents.

  3. Mohammed Rabiu Sanusi, Lagos-Nigeria

    Walahi, God will not forgive these stupid thieves called British Airways. Haka! Thank you for exposing them.
    You have done well.
    Nigerians should rise against this callous exploitation of our people by a good-for-nothing Britons.

  4. It’s absolute madness.
    Just came back from Ghana last Wednesday and you would see lots of Nigerian of the flight to Ghana and back and they are not in Ghana for any business but transiting to board flight.
    Can your imagine that? Nigerians now flock Ghana to board cheap flights to Europe
    So now we have like 5 flights to Ghana and back daily – 3 out of Lagos and 2 out of Abuja
    And indeed the local airlines too are taking advance- economy ticket lagos – Accra is about less than 60k one way while business class on same flights is about 160k one way.
    Your story hits the nail so right on the head

  5. And the air stewards or Housemaids still have the gut to insult Nigerian passengers. One was sacked last week. Again , the Nigerian routes of Abuja and Lagos are the the most lucrative routes of the British carrier. It’s so sad. This did not start today my brother.