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Exposed: Election in Traditional Sports Federation is biggest fraud

*The fraud, exposes, manipulations exposed

*How Appeals/Petitions Committee goofed in Dalung’s name

By Olajide Fashikun, Olayinka Elebute

Election on the 13th June in pavilion 9A was for the Traditional Sports Federation. Results were declared and reported. The names of the winners as reported in the media are not the names of the people who are now on board.

This is where www.gongnews.net got the cue to check what must have gone wrong. We can report for free that the Traditional Sports Federation’s must have been the highest quality of fraud that that election represented.

Investigation revealed that 90% of the crimes and fraud committed were done in the name of the minister, Solomon Dalung. Whether the minister is aware or not is what we could not verify. However, the minister repeatedly forewarned that he has no single person he will fix in any of the federations.

13th June winners: All reports from the pavilions were submitted same day to the Federation of Elite Association Department (FEAD). But in the Traditional Sports Federation, the report was submitted on the 15th June not to FEAD but to the Minister’s office. This gave the fillip to the fears that the minister may be in tandem to the entire process.

Based on this, FEAD’s report claimed the election in inconclusive. From their graphic picture of the election, traditional sports remains blank. There was a result of those who won in Pavillion 9A and the third result is those who were smuggled in with ignominy.

Presidential election: Three candidates contested the election. Musa Usman of North West won with 24 votes, followed by Architect Jude Obidegwu of the North East who got 18 votes and Dr Manda Chijioke who got 5 votes. Total votes cast was 47.

Musa Usman who won was officially not cleared to contest because he according to the election committee “had no letter from Katsina State. Not cleared.”

Traditional Sports Federation election coordinator, Mrs Tayo Oreweme, was the one who allowed everybody to run and that protests can be sent to the Appeals/Petitions Committee. That was how Musa Usman was allowed to run ‘on protest.’

Board members fraud: Amoyi Bulus Musa, a retired Permanent Secretary from Nasarawa State won the election in the stadium by 4-2. When the ‘new’ list came out, his name was missing. Rather, the man who lost to him, Saleh Jubril, was declared Board member.

In the North West, Musa Usman who had no letter from Katsina, was replaced by Mohammed Lere Garba as Board member. Our investigation from documentations filled on the day of the election showed that he was not physically present that day. He is not on the list of contestants. He defeated the man who was in the stadium!

Candidates from the South West and South East, Messrs Egenamba Emmanuel Okechukwu and Basheer Adetokunbo Agusto were ‘miraculously’ retained on the board having been elected on the 13th June.

Another classic fraud is the case of Bayelsa’s Agbadabina Olomo Perekiye who lost 4-2 to Dr Manda Chijioke of Rivers. But on the final list, Chijioke was replaced by the loser!

A more interesting case is that of Architect Jude Obidegwu from Adamawa State. He was the only candidate for the election. Rather than declare him unopposed. The election took place. He got 6-0. On the final list, he was replaced by Ibrahim Auta Alhassan. Auta did not obtain the election form at all. His name did not reflect on those who filled and returned the form at all.

In the modulated election result form, Alhassan was claimed he ran “unopposed” which certainly is not the truth. The report was signed by Inuwa Manu, a close ally of the outgone President, Mohammed Abdullahi Baba.

Stretching a fraud beyond elasticity: On the day of the election, only eight persons filled the contestant’s form witheir names, zone, position contested for, telephone numbers and signature. Issue now is, how come the list is extended to 13? Where did the rest ghost contestants come from?

The eight contestants at the stadium on the 13th June are: Egenamba Emmanuel Okechukwu, Basheer Adetokunbo Agusto, Amoyi Bulus Musa, HRH Arc Jude Obidegwu, Yusuf Elias, Musa Usman, Bamidele Bose Funke, Dr Mandah Chijioke.

Of the six candidates that stood for the 13th June zonal elections in Abuja four were ignominiously replaced. Obidegwu protested by paying the N100,000 but his protest was ‘dismissed.’

It is on record that none of the members of the electoral committee were called upon by the Appeals/Petitions Committee thereby murdering the principles of fair hearing. Question is, how did the committee come up with their jaundiced decisions?

Certainly, Inuwa Manu, the chairman of the electoral committee who announced the list of 13th June and still signed the moderated list which had new infusions including some one who NEVER filled the forms is an accomplice in this monumental sports federation election! He is a key architect in the entire fraud!

Our conclusions: If what took place in the Traditional Sports Federation is anything to go by, the processes in other sports federation must have been massively tampered with serious ignominy, contempt and impunity for the rules.

For those who spent their hard earned money and reputation to contest the 13th June election, travelled to Abuja and participated in the election to be replaced by people who never took the forms nor were present on the day of the election is the biggest fraud of 2017.

Can such a fraud stand? Should it stand? Does the electoral process have integrity? Even the Petitions/Appeal committee members advised some of the cheated candidates to accept their fate because “the minister’s interest is involved.” How true is this? One million other questions hang in the air waiting for explanation? Who did all these fraud in the name of the minister?

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