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Federation election: President, Vice cannot run as board members

*Electoral College system will disqualify them

By Olajide Fashikun

Any presidential or vice presidential candidate to any of the sports federations in the 13th June 2017 federation election that runs from the zones to qualify as board members cannot run in the second tranche of election later the same day for the higher offices.

From www.gongnews.net checks, the process designed to deliver the 2017 process is called electoral college unlike the parliamentary which was what has been in use over the years. Unlike now, a candidate for the two highest offices in the federation will first of all find their ways to the board before electing to run for the positions.

Whereas, the electoral college system only mandates those willing to run for the two highest offices in the sport to just lay by until when every other member of the Congress, which for the electoral processes are called the Electoral College, to emerge and then be voted for amongst those who would have signified for the positions.

In the electoral college system, a candidate cannot vote for his or herself. This will mean, if you have ran office to come from the zone, you cannot run for a fresh electoral process for the President or Vice president.

Two, in the electoral college process, unlike the parliamentary, you cannot run for two concurrent elections in one process. This for instance, disqualifies Mr Henry Amike who had ran under the technical coaches election and lost. Though, he has petitioned his loss. Like he had lost, he cannot return to want to run as a president.

Disqualified from running as President, Vice President: By the understanding of the electoral process to be used for the 2017 federations elections, certain persons stand disqualified from running for the two highest offices in the sport. This is based on the fact and principle that, you cannot vote for yourself in an election. They are automatic members of the electoral college (See Article 5.0 of the 2017 guidelines). Thus, these persons cannot run for the last race. They are:

  1. Mrs Maria Woophil – who was elected from being a member of the IAAF Women Commission;
  2. Mr Brown Ebewele – who got elected from the Technical field of coaches;
  3. Mrs Rosa Collins – who got her nomination from the National Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS);
  4. Mr Sunday Adeleye – he was the most recent entrant to the Board coming as the Athletes Representatives;
  5. Professor Emmanuel Ojeme – NAPHER-SD entrant and nominee;
  6. Assistant Inspector General Sani Mohammed who is representing the Police;
  7. Whoever will come in from the philanthropist/sponsor class, and the
  8. Six Board members that shall be elected into office by virtue of Article 5:iv of the guidelines;

A cursory peep into Article 2.1 stated who composes the Board. It mentioned President and Vice President. But in Article 2.2 it mentioned how the others will emerge without the President and Vice President. Added to Articles 5 (vi to xiii), it suffices to say the Board shall be a 15-man board unlike the misleading figure of 13 as Article 2. (i to iii) insinuated where it said, “each board shall comprise the President, Vice President, 11 other members or as provided for in their relevant constitution or statute, and a Secretary General.”

For now, the effective candidates left in the race for the AFN position are:

  • Alhaji Tunde Abdulkareem;
  • Commodore Omatseye Nesiama;
  • Hon Ibrahim Gusau;
  • Mr Enefiok Udo-Obong;
  • Mr Gadzama Fidelis;
  • Mr Olukayode Thomas;
  • Mr Solomon Ogba
  • Prof Ken Anugweje
  • Chief Mary Onyali.

Effectively, Mr Henry Amike like Mrs Rosa Collins and those who have already emerged into the Board cannot run in the federation’s presidential election. Of the list above, any of these persons who is designated as State Association chairman has to relinquish their rights to their deputy. Meanwhile, while Chief Mary Onyali during a Sports Parliament late night edition on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) announced her candidature for the Vice President. It was gathered that Prof Ken Anugweje who initially was going for President seeing the tough field is reported to have opted to run as Vice President hoping he would be voted for.

If any of them runs from the zones as board members, they cannot thereafter run as presidential or vice presidential candidates. This is quite a technical interpretation of the election guidelines which did not explicitly makes a marked difference in its letters and intents.

The nation is awaiting the inauguration of the main electoral committee for the interpretation of the processes leading to the election.

There has been a very thick misapplication of the rules of engagement to the appropriate electoral process that will be used to conduct the election.

It would be recalled we had pointed out the anomalies in the current election guidelines without a clear cut response from the Ministry of Sports. See http://gongnews.net/sports-federations-elections-confusion-trails-guidelines/

TOMORROW: Watch out for analysis on the chances of those running for the President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN). It is revealing, detailed and a most reliable focus on the chances of the contenders, the pretenders and the process. Don’t miss it!

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