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ICPC: I am not corrupt – Maimuna Aliyu

*I had no fair hearing from the media on the ICPC appointment

*Ifeanyi Ubah, Tunde Ayeni named in the scandal

Prior to her appointment as a member of the ICPC by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, a woman and ex insider at Aso Savings and loans in Abuja, Maimuna Aliyu, who media reports nailed for alleged corruption said she is not corrupt.

According to reports close to her, she said she had written a petition to the Inspector General of Police  exposing the massive looting of  Aso Savings. She also added in the petition alleged threats to her life.

Her petition titled: “Appeal For The Police To Step In And Investigate Aso Savings And Loans Plc” said  “I am writing this petition against the backdrop of the colossal corruption and fraud in the above Bank and the efforts by Tunde Ayeni the former Chairman of the Bank and his protégé the present MD/CEO of the Bank, Mr Adekunle Adedigba, to eliminate me and my son in order to get me to keep quiet.

“I wish to draw the attention of the Management of the Police Special Fraud Unit to happenings in the Bank which may not be new though but because Mr Ayeni was apparently able to manoeuvre his way nothing was done to him to the detriment of the Bank, its shareholders, to the depositors and staff of the Bank.

“Tunde Ayeni has contributed to the bankruptcy of the Bank in no small measure and to other banks that he has chaired or acted as co-owner by proxy. Find below some of the transactions that the Management of the Police Special Fraud Unit needs to investigate to stop the bleeding of the Bank and to protect the Bank from further bleeding and also protect depositors fund and as part of the noble work being carried out by the unit lately.

“York Assets Management is a subsidiary of ASO Savings and loans PLC and was used to purchase a property called Dumez building in the central business district of Abuja sometime in 2008 for over N3billion. This same property was brought to me before I joined the bank to market for N1.8billion.

Tunde Ayeni...exposed by Maimuna Aliyu in details
Tunde Ayeni…exposed by Maimuna Aliyu in details

Aliyu added that “Dumez building was bought by Aso Savings for over N3billion and sold in 2011/2012 at a loss of over N2billion. The bank still carries York Asset Management Accounts as an asset in their books even though it has been disposed off.  There are about five accounts opened in the same York Asset Management accounts. The loss is what is being carried as an asset while the account is also used for phony transactions, for instance, if they want to take out money from the bank, the debit hits the account and monies taken out. (She attached copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 5.)

Aliyu said “Capital Oil and Gas Ltd a company owned by one Ifeanyi Ubah was granted a principal waiver of about N3billion, the interest on the loan was never calculated and where the bank did it was suspended.

The company’s loan of about of N3billion with collateral of lesser value  was re-valued and the property sold back to Mr. Ubah and the bank created a loan for  Mr Ubah to buy the property from the bank, one of such properties are some units of house on No 10 Oguda Close Maitama. Confused? Yes I am too but attached is the report on this transaction as captured by the Banks Auditors.

(She attached copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 1.)

Maimuna Aliyu also disclosed that “Mr Ayeni sometimes in 2007 through his company Olutoyl Ltd during the sale of the Federal Government houses took a mortgage to buy 24 units of 3-bedroom block flats some where on Jere street Garki 2 and when he felt it was time to flip the properties for profits he forced it on the Bank at a unit selling price of N35million even though the Bank was selling each unit to the public for N30million.

The bank took a hit of N120million loss on behalf of the almighty Ayeni. (Also copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 6.)

She disclosed in the petition that “The bank also granted a loan of over one billion naira to Abuja Urban Mass Transit Company (AUMTCO) a subsidiary of FCT. I was asked to help recover the loan which was uncollateralised sometimes in October 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011.

Ifeanyi Uba...also named again in another scandal
Ifeanyi Uba…also named again in another scandal

I was able to get the FCT Minister then Senator Bala Mohammed to give the bank a plot of land worth about N3billion (according to valuation report of the Bank) to be used to offset the loan which stood at N1.9billion. The Bank built on the land and was supposed to make a profit of over N2billion but by 2015 two years after I had resigned from the services of the Bank I was made to understand that, the Bank/Hassan Usman/Kunle Adedigba are claiming the bank made a loss of N3billion.

Maimuna Aliyu questioned “How can a bank incur that kind of a loss chasing a loan of less than N2billion I was confused but there was no plausible reason given for the loss. This needs to be investigated, the details will be provided if need be. (Also attached to the petition were copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 9)

She exploded further in anger “Mr Ayeni who was a Vice Chairman and did not participate in the negotiations and meetings that led to the above transaction took N250m as his own share since the MD/CEO then had given out some units of houses to people that had helped/facilitated to the logical conclusion of the transaction and because it was a huge relief for the bank as CBN had recommended that the bank must fully provide for the N2billion in the Financial year under review.

Tunde Ayeni’s reason for his greed was he didn’t benefit from the units given by the MD because he was Vice Chairman therefore now that he is the Chairman he wants it in retrospect hence he took N250million instead of a house.

“Tunde Ayeni and Hassan Usman took out N2billion and gave to Senator Bala Mohammed as contributions  to the Goodluck campaign of 2011 and 2015 and the  Minister gave the Bank 64 plots of land in Jahi district using phoney/shell companies all registered and signed by Balami Yerima the second plot is in the Three Arms zone of Abuja. The bank is battling to sell the plots till date.

Mainmuna Aliyu...this is simply media trial. I had no fair hearing in the ICPC reportage
Mainmuna Aliyu…this is simply media trial. I had no fair hearing in the ICPC reportage

Meanwhile, the first tranche of the one billion went into Mr Ayeni’s law firm’s account with Aso Savings while the second tranche went into Shamsudeen Bala’s Company account called Trading Places with same Bank.  (Also attached were copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 8)”

Tunde Ayeni and Hassan Usman also gave a loan of over N500million to one former DIG Abdulkadir and by 2013 they claimed he was fake and the collateral too was forged as confirmed by the Kaduna Ministry of Lands and the bank took the hit. How convenient? There are many of such loans and write offs in the bank’s books with funny narrations. (Also copies of the relevant documents were attached collectively marked as annexure/appendix 2)

Tunde Ayeni and Hassan Usman took out over N600million from the bank’s vault and left only an IOU in the vault without the knowledge of the then Executive Director finance Mr Peter Longe but with the co-operation of the Executive Director operations Shehu Mohammed and one Tony Edeh the then Head of Risk and Credits.

Mr Peter Longe came to confide in me and I told he can’t over look the issue. I therefore advised him to call for an Executive Management meeting.

In the meeting we demanded for answers from Hassan the MD, he responded by claiming it was used to facilitate the take over of Enterprise Bank with AMCON.
It may interest you to know that as at the time of this bid to take over, the Enterprise Bank had a positive shareholders fund of over N10billion while Aso Savings had a negative shareholders fund of over N8billion but they claimed they had the support of the CBN therefore Aso will take over Enterprise Bank despite the obvious.

The whole transaction turned out to be a hoax because it later turned out Mr Ayeni used Aso’s money to buy himself a chunk of Heritage Bank. (Find attached herewith copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 7)

Tunde Ayeni sometimes in 2010/ 2011 was recommended by CBN to be relinquished of his position as vice chairman of the Bank because he was running the bank aground and also because of his non performing loans of over N3billion and some other activities of his that are inimical to the survival of the Bank.

According to Aliyu, the recommendation never happened but instead he apparently worked his way to become the Chairman of the Bank and the CBN never queried it but NDIC picked it up and queried it in one of the exit meetings with the EXCO of ASO Savings. (Find attached herewith copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 3.)

Tunde Ayeni/Hassan Usman moved about N3billion of ASO Savings money to Associated Discount House Ltd and fixed it as deposit and used the deposit to collateralise a loan he took from the Discount House while the bank was struggling to pay Julius Berger, CGC and many others. Tunde didn’t return the money to the bank even though a petition had been written by JB to the CBN and other regulatory authorities of the Bank’s inability to pay its obligations. Tunde Ayeni and Hassan Usman were unpertubed. (Find attached herewith copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 4.)

Tunde Ayeni took N4billion out of the N8billion that was given to Aso Savings by CBN to save the Bank out its precarious position and nothing happened to him. Tunde himself confirmed this but blamed Hassan because of the query from CBN claiming Hassan wanted to implicate him that is why he credited him directly instead of doing the needful before etc.

If this and all the above did not kill the bank I wonder how my staff mortgage of N80million for which I gave a collateral of over N600million as at the time will kill the bank.

Mr Ayeni and the present MD, Mr Adekunle organised staff of the bank totaling about 100 to come and protest in front of my house in Asokoro and my son’s house ASOGROOVE on the 17th of June 2017 as early as 7a.m. carrying placards and singing “maimuna former director pay your loan”. Ole, the Bank is dying because of your loan. (Find attached herewith copies of the relevant documents collectively marked as annexure/appendix 10)

I have them on video and I have the over 50 placards that they left behind. The staff were brought to my house in two long 20 seater white buses each to my house and to my son’s house.

36 staff and 2 policemen were despatched to my son’s house to protest while about 50 and 6 policemen were brought to my office led by one Young Toby, Duru and Emmanuel Ndulu.

I can produce the videos and placards on request meanwhile I have given some of the placards to the Asokoro police DPO who was not aware of the protest and was very visibly angry and bitter that it took place within her dormain without permission and done on a Saturday and unfortunately also it was done by a bank, Aliyu asserted.

The bank had taken me to the police IGP Monitoring Unit twice and we were advised by the two IGPs that since the matter is in court it should be sorted out there. The bank again went to ICPC where the case is still being investigated by the ICPC even though the matter is still pending in court.

In their desperation they went the extra mile to protest, shouting and singing and moving back and forth so that neighbours could see them all in their bid to embarrassment and humiliate me. They were dancing and behaving like thugs in front of my house as captured in the video using the public address system all in their attempt to embarrass me.

Mr Ayeni thinks I know a lot about their dealings and is scared I may decide to open up on why I resigned from the bank in 2013. He had threatened he was going to deal with me after EFCC detained him and I have told him that if anything happens to me or to my children he will be held responsible.

Despite all the embarrassments/humiliations from them I kept my cool but I think I need to cry out before they eliminate me and my children. Mr Ayeni should be held responsible if anything happens to me or to my children. We are living in fear of being harmed by them hiding under ASO Savings and loans PLC because it is obvious they can go to any length to protect their nefarious activities from been exposed.

I have been seeing some strange people around me and around my house lately and sometimes I think I am being followed too and will have to park in a place where I think is relatively safe for an hour before I proceed.

My son has also been experiencing same and constantly living in fear too. I am scared for our lives. I am a single mother. Sir, I am therefore appealing to the Management of the DSS to step in as a matter of urgency to avert the plot to assassinate me and my children before it is too late.

The onslaught against me and my son is taking a new dimension as they are desperately pursuing the option to eliminate us using thugs and or hired assassins.

They have tried to humiliate me with the police twice, they went to ICPC lately too to investigate a matter that is already in court. It is also on record how the staff of the bank was organised by Tunde Ayeni’s protégé  Mr Kunle Adedigba, Young Toby, Emmanuel Ndulu and one Duru and 50 others to protest on a Saturday morning at 7am with 6 Police officers providing them with protection.

How sad how our security officers could be used to carry out an illegal protest. What the Aso Savings and loans did on the 17th of June has never happened in the history of the banking sector where professionalism was thrown out to the dogs. It just goes to explain their level of desperation as they have stooped so low and exhibited the level of hatred they have for me.

Maimuna Aliyu’s Prayers:

That ASO Savings be thoroughly investigated to unravel the financial fraud and decay which has compounded the woes of the Bank thus putting its cherished customers at a great risk and loss.

That, the Nigeria Police should accord me Police protection because my life has severally been threatened day and night since I initially raised alarm.

The IGP should investigate why the police from the Abuja command was used to carry out such unlawful action on a Saturday without due approval.

That given the enormity of these claims which are a pointer to the level of malfeasance in the Bank, these persons can go to any length to extract a pound of flesh from me. To this end, the police should extend its protection to me and members of my family.

That in view of the import of these weighty allegations, the Police and other relevant agencies who are in possession of this petition should act in line with high moral standard and best practices expected from anti-corruption agencies.

A stitch in time saves nine. It is hoped that the necessary step will be taken to forestall a breakdown of law and order, Aliyu submitted.

Tunde Ayeni and Hassan Usman have escaped the law despite all the atrocities committed maybe because they have contacts above and in the right places and can afford to wriggle their way out of whatever mess they have created at all times.

The petition was written before she (Maimuna Aliyu) was appointed as member of ICPC but some powerful forces have gone ahead to ask for her exit from ICPC, claiming she was corrupt.

The source close to Maimuna Aliyu was angry that the principle of fair hearing was not upheld by the media outlets which published the stories against her. If they had bothered to hear her side of the story, this other side may have been made public.


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