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ICPC: Saraki’s candidate is a suspect alleged in corruption

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Two suspects under the investigation of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other offences Commission (ICPC) have been named to serve on the board of the organisation. The two suspects are being investigated for alleged corruption in the region of N1billion.

A third candidate, Sam Ewang, a former Military Administrator who was alleged to have been involved in some corrupt matters during the Sani Abacha days, who also was named, may have been withdrawn from the list that was to be sent to the Senate for affirmation.

The appointments were made public on Tuesday following approval by the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

While Sa’ad Alanamu, a close associate of the Senate President, is being investigated on corruption charges allegedly committed while he headed several institutions in Kwara State, Maimuna Aliyu has a longstanding case of abuse of office, misappropriation and diversion of public funds against her.

Many cases of corruption: In fact, the ICIR learnt on Friday that charges were already being prepared against her by the ICPC in preparation to taking her to court when her name was announced as a member of the new board of the commission.

Apart from the ICPC investigation, our investigations also show that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Police have investigated several corruption cases against Aliyu, a former Executive Director of the Aso Savings and Loans.

In fact, in May, a police investigative report indicted her and recommended her for prosecution. The investigative report dated 31st May, 2017 is signed by Taiwo Oyewale, a Superintendent of Police, for the Deputy Commissioner of Police, IGP Monitoring Unit. He reported that Aliyu illegally converted to personal use a total of N58 million being proceeds of three plots of land belonging to her employers, Aso Savings and Loans.

Police investigations showed that as Executive Director (Marketing), Aliyu got approval to sell three of the bank’s landed properties in Abuja. The plots were offered for N19 million each. Aliyu is said to have sold the lands for N58 million but refused to hand over the money to the bank.

The police investigations commenced after Aso Savings and Loans wrote a petition in November 2016 alleging that Aliyu, who had by then retired from the bank for three years, had refused to hand over the proceeds of the land sale.

The same month, the bank also wrote a petition against her to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the EFCC and the ICPC.

Sold houses for her employer and kept the proceeds: In one of the investigations, it was discovered that Aliyu actually sold the three plots of land entrusted to her by the bank at N40 million each (instead of N19 million) totalling N120 million and held on to every penny.

Apart from the N120 million allegedly misappropriated by her, the bank also lodged several complaints of abuse of office and conversion or diversion of its funds, totalling about N1 billion.

The bank alleged that in 2012, Aliyu sought and got a mortgage facility of N40 million to purchase five houses – four-bedroom detached mansionettes. However, after she resigned her appointment in September 2013, the former Executive Director said she could no longer bear the burden of the payments and requested the bank to cancel the mortgage on four units and take them over. She said she would continue to maintain the mortgage contract on just one unit.

However, since 2013 when she left the bank, Aliyu has refused to hand over the four houses and has not serviced the mortgage on them. In fact, investigators believe that she has since sold the units and pocketed the money.

Allocated house to her son, refused to pay: The bank also alleged that Aliyu abused her office by illegally allocating a house at Aso Groove Estate to her son, Sa’ad Aliyu. According to the bank, Aliyu had showed interest in buying the house for her son in the name of a company in which he is a director. However, because she had all the keys of the houses put up for sale by the bank since she was in charge of marketing and sales, Aliyu handed over the key to the house to her son without paying a dime for the house worth N210 million. She still has not paid for the house till date and her son continues to live there.

Aliyu is said to be highly connected in the corridors of power and might have used her clout to get nominated to the ICPC board to stop her prosecution by the commission.

Senior police officers familiar with the case who spoke to the ICIR on condition of anonymity are miffed about her appointment and wonder how she could have passed through security checks with all the investigations and indictments against her by security and anti corruption agencies.

ICIR attempted to reach Aliyu for comments, but her known telephone number was switched off throughout Friday and was still unreachable as of press time.

Sa’ad Alanamu: In the case of Alanamu, a protégé of Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, the late politician and father of Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, it is feared in some circles that his new godfather, the younger Saraki, is planting him in ICPC.

Alanamu is being investigated by the ICPC for corruption and bribery. He allegedly collected bribes from contractors handling TETFUND contracts, which he approved as Chairman of the Board of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin.

As in the case of Aliyu, questions are being raised about how Alanamu passed security screening with the investigation against him at the ICPC.

Informed sources told www.gongnews.net “based on clear cut, well investigated reports which had been confirmed from the agencies mentioned, the three candidates’ names have been pulled out from the list that was to be sent to the Senate. Sadly, their prosecution may have been expressly approved to be taken to court. This administration will not condone any form of corruption against any of its appointees. As soon as we get convincing facts, the appointees goes.”

Additional reports from www.icirnigeria.org 

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