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You are ignorant, Yoruba group tells Ango Abdullahi, Arewa Youths

*You and your army of disintegration will fail

Pan Yoruba Youth Organisation, Igbimo Odo Yoruba, has added its voice, to several condemnation, that trailed the 1st October ultimatum, given to Nigerians of Igbo extraction, living in the Northern part of the country by the Arewa Youth Forum, as endorsed by renowned Arewa leader, Professor Ango Abdullahi.

In a statement issued and signed by its convener, Olufemi Lawson in Akure on Sunday, after an expanded meeting of the group, it described the stance taken by  the ‘Self acclaimed’ Arewa Northern Youth Forum and its subsequent endorsement by one Professor Ango Abdullahi, as extremely irresponsible and reckless.

“We have thoroughly reviewed the situation and strongly viewed the Kaduna proclamation by these elements, as the real threat to our National Unity. As it is also ridiculous, to read these characters, styling the Fulani controlled largely insatiable part of the Northern Nigeria,  as a critical player in the Nigerian project.”

The group said it hope to remind Ango Abdullahi and his army of disintegration, that rather than seeing our Igbo brothers as holding the whole country to ransom at every stage, as it claimed in the infamous Kaduna proclamation, it is their section of the North, that the larger majority of Nigerians are fed up of, being the real treacherous and acrimonious partners, in the ‘1914 unholy matrimony’ which has kept the nation in bondage till date.

“May we also use this medium, to remind genuinely patriotic Nigerians, that as preposterous as the tragic action Ango Abdullahi and his army of disintegration is, it still represents the reality of  the fragile unity of Nigeria and a poignant reminder of the truism in the proclamation of our late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, that Nigeria is not a Nation, but rather,  a mere geographical expression” the statement read.

The Igbimo Odo Yoruba said it is alien to reasoning, that Ango Abdullahi and the self styled Arewa Youth Forum, are ignorant of the fact that, every Nigerian has the constitutional right to live and do business in any part of the country without restrictions.

“Let us at this point, also commend a very sizeable group of our brothers from the North, particularly in the large middle belt part, for their condemnation and gratifying stance, which have unanimously continued to condemn Mr Ango Abdullahi and his army’s tragic quit notice.”

The group also said it has no doubt, that there  are fundamental issues which bother on  national integration and our continuous existence, which requires immediate attention, if we are to make any meaningful progress as a nation, but making provocative statements and proclamations like we recently witnessed would only complicate these issues.

“While assuring our Igbo brothers of our solidarity and support, we see the opportunity that the Arewa Proclamation has offered, as another avenue for us, to immediately address our age long demand, for the total restructuring of the country. This is the only way, that the nation can overcome her diverse socio-economic challenges, and threats, such as the Kaduna proclamation and others” the statement concluded.

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