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Ikare day 2017: Dignitaries storm ancient community

*Otunba Gbenga Elegbeleye upbeat about this year’s activities

Ancient town of Ikare in Ondo State on Saturday will be hosting a gamut of stars, guests, citizens and visitors who will be gathered to celebrate the Ikare Day 2017 edition.

Ikare women in their resplendent outfits and attire
Ikare women in their resplendent outfits and attire

The clock will stop ticking and time will momentously freeze on the 18th November when Ikare whose cognomen is recited thus: “Omo oloke meji tako tabo. Omo onile obi. Omo ailaya ibimo” will attract all the stops to showcase its cultural, social and economic potentials and strengths to the world.

Ikare from a vantage angle
Ikare from a vantage angle

The land of kolanut, the symbol of Nigeria’s unity, produced in the west, consumed in the north and no occasion is complete without it in the east. That is how kolanut is described.

Ikare is the home of Moses Orimolade, the founder of Cherubim and Seraphim church.  For deep historians, they will normally refer to the rich cultural community as the town of Agolomolodo. The strongest and most powerful man in Yorubaland who singlehandedly dug deep gorge round the town to protect it against external aggression.

ogun festival as celebrated in Ikare§
ogun festival as celebrated in Ikare

The home of Sanni the great wrestler. The best and greatest in the old Ondo Province. The confluence of commerce and business activities for Ondo, Ekiti, Kogi and Edo States.

Otunba Gbenga Elegbeleye...come enjoy Ikare's rich culture
Otunba Gbenga Elegbeleye…come enjoy Ikare’s rich culture

Even spanning Onitsha and Aba.

Otunba Gbenga Elegbeleye in his comments said, “the monarch has invited people from all walks of life, both home and abroad, to come and savour the very rich splendour and ambience of the community’s mountains and rocks. The palatable and healthy food such as Aaru, Saapa, Aarunmaba, Ogolofon ila dindin and obe oogun. This year’s activities have been carefully designed to make people have a fresh air and perspectives of the community.”

“Guests have been invited to come and enjoy our hospitality and dance to our traditional Ogago music and modern fuji exponent Sanmi wonder (Jnr Barrister).”

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