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Ituah Enahoro smashes Nigerian Decathlon record

*Now a German athlete no more Nigerian athlete

*First Nigerian to cross 8000 points in Decathlon

By Olajide Fashikun

Ituah Enahoro (LAV Bayer Uerdingen / Dormagen) has claimed the individual victory at the Thorpe Cup in Düsseldorf on Saturday with the half-time lead. The 19-year-old will be listed at the IAAF World Federation for the home of his father, Nigeria, for which he entered the pole vault in 2015 during the U-20 African Championships.

Ituah Enahoro...facing the media over his feat
Ituah Enahoro…facing the media over his feat

He hopes however in the future on assignments for the German Athletics Federation (DLV) and thus, for the homeland of his mother, in which he has become sedentarily at the moment trained as a physiotherapist.

Enahoro’s achievements by Duesseldorf show: He could be a reinforcement in the already strong German 10-team. Among other things, with 7.64 meters in the jump he set an exclamation point, after day one he is in the lead with 4,244 points. He already has 65 more points on his account than in June in Bernhausen, where he had set his previous record with 7,768 points.

The signs are green that the German 10-fighters on the second day will also be able to decide the team’s rating, which they had to hand over to the USA in the previous year after six wins in a row. The top five of every nation are judged.

So far only Filip Scott could compete as third place with the DLV athletes. However, its record of 7,915 points seems to be out of reach. 8,000-point 10-fighter Steven Bastien has broken the fight after three invalid attempts in the long jump.

Mathias Brugger (SSV Ulm 1846), Zach Ziemek and the two-time world champion Trey Hardee (USA), the focus is already on the World Championship in London (Great Britain, 4th to 13th August). They entered the Rather Waldstadion in selected disciplines – Trey Hardee on Sunday only at a tempo over 300 meters.

Mathias Brugger showed himself with 11.07 seconds over 100 meters and 14.60 meters with the ball quite satisfied.

Mike Enahoro reacts with pain: Ituah’s dad, Mike, is the man behind the Kids & Play athletics club of Abuja. He spoke with www.gongnews.net and hear him, “this is a bitter-sweet news for me, whilst am happy for my son’s amazing feat, of scoring 8,028 points in Decathlon at the Thorpe Cup competition, held this past weekend, in Dusseldorf, Germany; I feel a sense of sadness, and am pained he couldn’t have done in our colours.

At 19, he stands alone, as one of the few Decathletes to have achieved this remarkable points tally early in life.

As a parent, I have self-promoted him to the federation; we just have to find a way, to stem this challenge and create a platform to attract our foreign-based kids to choose Nigeria at all times. Am a proud dad, but a desolate Nigerian. Congratulations to Ituah, on this feat.

This is an achievement by a Nigerian regardless of the jersey he is wearing. We should celebrate but learn from this.

TOMORROW: Watch out for Ituah Enahoro’s original dream to make Nigeria a proud nation. That dream was aborted. It’s hot, juicy and a must-read.

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