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Javelin: I want to shock the world in Tokyo 2020 – Adams Kure

*Unique story of his rise towards stardom

By Olajide Fashikun

His name is Samuel Adams Kure from Jaba in Kaduna State. He is the new prospective javelin thrower from Nigeria. His eyes are set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In an interview with www.gongnews.net he said, “I started throwing Javelin in 2014 without a coach and threw 65metres. Then, I got injured. I came back late 2015 still with injury due to wrong techniques of throwing.

Adams Kure...wants to use javelin to make global marks
Adams Kure…wants to use javelin to make global marks

So, I came back in 2016 still without coach and I threw 72.25metres. Now still without coach, I am throwing 75metres. Kenya’s Julius Yego won bronze medal at the 2010 African Athletics championships with 74.51metres. At the 2011 All African Games he threw 78.34metres to win gold and also set a new Kenyan record. At the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 he got the gold medal with a throw of 92.72metres.

“I have attended the 2017 African championship in Durban, South Africa. I also participated in various national competitions, my Personal Best is 72.25metres. I threw it in May 2016 in Akure.

Currently, I am throwing 75metres in training waiting for any competition to enable measure how far I have gone. I hope to start my formal entry to the national title with the 2017 All Nigeria Athletics championships in July.

I was born 20th December 1993. I was a wrestler. One day when I was coming back from wrestling training, I saw athletes doing trials preparing for competition. I saw people throwing javelin, the javelin looked so much like the arrow that my late father (retired soldier) used to teach me how to throw.

How I got into javelin: So I told them to give me to throw and they gave me, so when I threw it, they measured and it was 50.5metres, the other people were throwing 45metres and below. So, the coach decided to drop them and took me to the competition in Enugu, so when I got there I threw 55metres and placed second.

When we came back they started encouraging me. I also began to develop interest, so I decided to quit wrestling even though I was an African champion but I found javelin to be easier. That is how I found myself doing the event till date.

Pillar of hope, support: I would be the most ungrateful person on earth if I do not publicly thank Coach Samuel Onikeku (400m coach), a custom officer, who has been assisting me financially. He has mostly paid for my transport to competitions including accommodation, sometimes feeding. He was the one who bought my ticket to South Africa when Nigeria dropped me on the excuse of no fund. If not for him I wouldn’t have been attending so many competitions. He is my God-sent. He is my standing pillar of hope and support. Anything I become tomorrow it is because of him and God.

My mother: My mum is a commercial farmer and also a trader while my dad was a retired soldier but he is late!

My Personal Best in 2014 was 65metres, I was injured 2015. Then, 2016 my Personal Best was 72.25metres. I’m to get my new Personal Best, but that will come when I attend the All Nigeria this season

I got my SSCE from St Patrick’s College Ikot Ansa in Calabar but my result was bad and I was impatient to re-sit for another because I had a lot to do in sports which happens to be my number one priority now.

Coach Pius Bazighe: He is from Bayalsa state. I met him in 2014 in a competition, when he watched my throws. He came to me and told me that I have all the potentials to break his record within a short period of time but I need a good coach to handle me, he also wished that we come together and train. It wasn’t possible due to financial deficiency, but he has been sending me programmes but no one to supervise me.

Bazighe, a former African champion and national javelin record holder told www.gongnews.net “Kure is the biggest revelation in Nigerian javelin. If we can invest some little funds on him he wil shock the world. That is the folk I forsee will down my records and I am sincerely thrilled by this. How to get the required resources to lift him to that global mark with speed is the greatest issue.”

Pius Bazighe is holding the Nigerian javelin record of 81.08metres which he set on the 16th June 1999 at Athina-Italy.

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