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Kogi workers praise Labour for strike action

*Your clock in clock out policy is to cheat us

Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) Kogi state chapter, have been commended by the state workers for taking a bold step towards ensuring the rights of civil servants is not being brutally tampered with.

Tahiru Muhammad said that Kogi state as a civil servants’ state do not have other means of income then the need for prompt payment of their salaries.

“The issue of the strike action is becoming a norm, tertiary institutions shut the state and schools down, now it’s the NLC. Their demands are genuine, the state accessed bailout, Paris club, so many funds are coming and we don’t know how the governor is using it”.

“The governor claimed to have ended the screening. Imagine he’s owing some persons over 20 months and you say they should not go on strike”.

They said the non payment of salaries have paralysed every sector of the state and has affected individuals in many ways as some workers have resorted into begging.

“The hunger in Kogi is at its peak. There is no how Kogi can recover from this shock of hunger. Most civil servants have been turned to civil beggars. People have adopted an abnormal way of feeding”.

Malik Babangida, a worker, said the workers have taken the right step by obeying the strike action adding that it’s terrible to work without payment.

If you ask me out of 100%, 2% of the populace are not hungry and who are they; the governor and his cabinet.

“There is hunger as you can see everywhere. Take a look you’ll see that civil servants have been turned to beggars. Family men cannot pay school fees again

The workers advised the government to have the interest of the work force at heart and commence immediate payment of all their outstanding salaries and arrears so that the state can move forward.

Meanwhile, the state NLC chairman, Comrade Onuh Edoka and his counterpart in the Trade Union Congress, Ranti Ojo accused the state government of being economical with the truth by dwelling on two items.

“Ordinaryly, the issue is on salary arrears. Those workers cleared and brought back into the payroll have not been given their arrears and salaries”.

They advised government not to dispense too much energy on the clock in clock out policy adding that the implementation is an avenue to exploit workers.

They revealed that government and labour have at no time agreed on the contributory pension scheme stating that government should pay workers their entitlements before embarking on the scheme.

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