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Kwara: God crown our enemies with thorns, pains

*A precondition to liberate Kwarans


             Coward dies many times before their deaths; 

            The valiant never taste of death but once.

           Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,

           It seems to me most strange that men should fear;

          Seeing that death, a necessary end,

          Will come when it will come.

Caesar in the book of Willem Shakespeare(Julius Ceaser): Act II, Scene ii 

A man with an active conscience (Activist) will surely not take silence for an option in the face of oppression, for every strike of the oppressor has effect of a pricking arrow in his heart and surely, the consistent pricks of conscience has a death consequence. Kwara is my focus this week.

Thus, the fear of oppressor will surely not hold down the agility of a real activist. It is a notorious fact that Kwara state and Kwarans have their glories lost to one unscrupulous and contemptuous element who claims to own us and our harmonious state with a recital that we are his heritage. For the purpose of this write up, I think there is a little to say about this purported god to the weak as much attention has to be centred on the stake-holders who have thrown themselves up for his dictation.

Our customs, traditions and heritages have been sacrificed by those custodians we all held in high esteem for their selfish ends. It is so unfortunate that these stakeholders are not conscious of the effect that their betrayal will have on the helpless masses. The boy that was born, breaded, nurtured and reared under your watch parades himself as god and you all worship him religiously. I wonder what your faiths would have yielded if you were alive when slavery was the lucrative business in the continent of Africa.

Those stake-holders in religious setting have bastardized and adulterated their mission and they are not fit to be called missionaries in all honesty.  The very holiness in this religion is no more traceable again. Having fully masterminded the nitty-gritty of the work, they opted for secession in the same cathedral of God. They have given up their souls to the devil who is the greatest enemy of God and man.

No wonder they have chosen to steal the customers of their former master and his regard bestowed on them to win respect and honour. In Ilorin of today, none seems ready to hawk for God anymore rather their pockets. When Sheik Adam Abdullahi Al-ilory, Sheik Kamaldeen Al-adaby and others of blessed memories died, we did not realised that the real hawkers of gospel of good governance have gone and none of their left behinds plough their ways of sincerity, honesty, uprightness, fearlessness and above all God fearing. We have searched, searched and searched again with our microscopic eyes with a view to see if there remain a single messenger of God who will call a spade a spade and damn whatsoever consequence that you and your so called leader will do.

The grandstanding of Abeebullahi Adam Abdullahi Al-ilory and Sulaiman Onikijipa has neither the religious supplication to God nor economic benefit to the masses. Those leaders they praise and those they nag are determined by who grease their palms. The likes of Buhari omo Musa and Sannu Shewu are at the services of the political autocrats.

They entertain at every occasion of their masters and most especially, political gathering where masses are mock in their hibernation consequence to the prevailing hungers in the community.

Without being told, we are all aware of the fact that God is not sufficient for you and once this is affirmed, you had better be left alone in the mess you have chosen to live. We have not seen any challenge or a single call to order issued against the obnoxious government under the leadership of Bukola Saraki emanating from the gathering of Ansaru Islam (the Ilorin party) since the demise of Sheik Kamaldeen (the proprietor of Ansaru Islam) of blessed memory up till the present. We are not impressed in all honesty.

It is pertinent to inform all the wayward religious leaders that they scared no one in their grandstanding, they were able to demonstrate their foolishness in their entertaining missions and they are not as honourable as the street beggars for they are modest in their begging activism. Your family are not happy with your show of embarrassment at all time. Struggle for liberation should be preached in every mosques, cathedrals, churches and chapels. Let this begin with you, your family and your club. We are all aware of the fact that if not for offerings and tithes it might be difficult to find anyone confessing to his call to serve God.

Precious times of churches are spent on science of offering and tithe and none seem to dwell on good deeds and calling those strayed leaders back to the track.

Central Mosque of Ilorin has been neglected and abandon to both the Emir of Ilorin and his partners. The Chief Imam of Ilorin seems not ready to change at all. No serious sermons to leaders for fear of being denied his consistent stipends and indiscriminate offerings. The poverty in Kwara state is second to none compared to other states of the federation.

This is one of the weapons orchestrated by Dr. Bukola Saraki led group to prolong Kwarans’ slavery. You have fenced yourself to the palace to avoid being bothered by our burdens and each time we make move to report the maladministration of Bukola Saraki and his disciples to you we got ourselves kicked out of the gate. Kwarans are not happy with your ways and they are not afraid to call you to order but the stool of Sheik Alimi was held in high esteem.

After completing my research on the leadership and scholarship of Sheik Alimi, I realised that if he is alive today he would have declared a war against this very house. I will never be sorry to say you have disappointed the emirate in a bigger way.

Congratulations to your eminent and your brethren for those exotic vehicles offered to you by Governor Abdulfatai Hamed; the executive governor of Kwara State. You cannot pretend not to know full well that civil servants are sweating and our unremorseful governor believes in giving you and other traditional leaders vehicles bought from the sweats of the workers is the best step he could take.

You can never pretend to be earning the righteous gifts and I promise you that posterity will judge us all. Disclaim them openly if you know you are not their partner in crime. Confide in God and do not be afraid of the evil plans against you. God will protect you and we would project you beyond your expectation and the entire Kwarans will assure you the atmosphere of festival in the rest of the Eids you will experience on the surface of earth without raining stones on you.

It is more pathetic to realise that those youths we expect will take over from the good for nothing government of Kwara State, the merciless traditional rulers and religious exploiters have given up to your obnoxious game of leadership. I know with intervention of God we are not going to give up on youths. They are the future of any community, giving up on the youth is like giving up on our harmonious state.

We are not publishing this writing to show how you have teamed up with government to frustrate us out of this life, we are equally writing this to see if you can make adjustment and take a second chance. We were not unafraid of a possible move of yours towards castrating us for what we have said but I swear that our clear conscience will vindicate us.

We believe in the strength of God that crowns and dethrones. The God that creates, kills and resuscitates as he likes. Except we have ourselves instigated against you, none of your devilish moves towards us will be successful. Thanks a lot and I hope you will understand the need to write this article.



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