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Kwara LG election: We won the election where APC failed

*Government officials became ballot snatchers, ballot stuffers

Kwara state Local Government election of 18th November 2017 remains a watershed in the history of our State.

Even Maurice Iwu’s 2007 election adjudged by both national and international observers to be the worst in the history of this country now takes a back seat on issues of unprecedented electoral frauds and manipulations as witnessed in the Kwara LGA election.

Government obviously was not out to conduct elections but was rather out to manipulate the process. If after 14 years of absolute political hold on Kwara, this is all the APC Kwara can do, then this state ought to be pitied indeed.

Special Advisers, Commissioners, House of Assembly members became ballot snatchers and ballot stuffers. Contestants, their sons, daughters, wards etc became election presiding officers. Traditional rulers became agents of ruling party in committing electoral offences to put in charge of our councils their usual worst materials.

If they are in government with lots of opportunities to do good for the greatest numbers of the people but absolutely failed to do so, to retain power, they must be vote thieves. The big ones among them lost their polling boots and wards in an election organised by their puppets.

If they won any seat it must have been our own that they have stolen. So to all Kwara we won the LGA election, while they failed woefully. People that must continue to steal the local government money cannot permit any other person that will not be under their authority to win. LGA election must therefore be do or die. I however use this medium to call on all our chairmanship and coucillorship candidates to rejoice for having made history of being the field commanders of our worthy struggle for freedom.

The money, energies and talents expended on the prosecution of the freedom agenda will certainly not be in vain. When the history of our efforts will be documented these categories of our field commanders will occupy prime places.

Those that were denied of their position but with credible evidence that has not been destroyed by thieves, will have their cases filed with the tribunal. We shall soon hold meeting with these field commanders not only to appreciate them but to give them further training to continue with the agenda until the enemies of the people of Kwara State are defeated in an election that will not be organised by them in 2019.

To the Kwara PDP family, I say congratulations as you have raised the bar of politics in Kwara State. I salute Kwara voters that remain resolute that enough is enough.

I solemnly declare that the momentum will not only be sustained but tremendously improved upon. Together we shall get to the destination of victory in 2019. This is because God is in this project.

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