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Kwara Liaison House in Kaduna going?

*Why is someone buying up all our heritage?

From Tajudeen Imam

Even the National Anthem prescribed that the labour of our fathers shall never be in vain. As a Muslim, I will answer ‘amin thunma amin’. The founding fathers of our dear state, Kwara, really laboured to give us a brighter future in order to give us solid foundation as such, they invested heavily in Northern Nigeria Development Corporation ( NNDC) to assure the future of the state.

As a student, in 1986 when I was in Kaduna Polytechnic, the Kwara Liaison House used to be all Kwarans’ Embassy which hosted many of us including the VIPs from the state. Hon. Faruk Saruk Abdulwahab was the Liaison officer as at that time with his Micra Car (very small jalopy).

Many guests outside the state were also guests of this great house before I left Kaduna then.

One would wonders, why all this historical background?

Well, it is just to give an insight into what I came across at Supreme Court recently in Abuja.

There is this case between Kwara state and Kaduna state Government on Kwara Liaison House in Kaduna very close to Lugards House.

The said Liaison House is said to have been sold to a very important personality in the state at a give a way price. When the governor (Kaduna) of the state got to know he put some obstacles to stop the sales of this giant house.

The case was taken to court and the media were instructed not to publicise it to avoid the public to know about the issues. As at now there are frantic efforts to settle the case out of court to avoid public out cry.

Uhmmm, why on earth would anyone think or decide to convert what belongs to everybody to his own property?

Most of other assets in the defunct NNDC can not be accounted for both, in the North and in Lagos including those in the state.

It is only in Kwara this kind of things can happen but let those in charge today know that, tomorrow might not belong to them and history can be re-written and when God allows them to be alive they, may be incapacitated to change the situations.

Let everyone knows that, aiye nigba bedeni igbakan kolo ile aiye gbo.

God bless the people of Kwara state and Emirate in general.

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