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Kwara state of my dream

*Sectoral analysis of the state

From Muideen Ibrahim

Please, permit me to use this medium to share my dream with you as per our dear state in the under listed thematic areas:

Education: I think a state of emergency should be declared in this sector so that it would be revamped without further delay. A situation where communities now employ teachers for basic subjects is appalling, sad and not a good omen for the state.

Kwara should pride itself as an educationally advantaged state with the provisions of basic educational needs cum facilities.

Debt Profile: The debt profile of Kwara State as at 30th June, 2017 as published by the Debt Management Office stood at $50,202, 210.96
this translates to about N18.32billion. Haba!!! This is too high!

So many questions are begging for answer.  What was the loan used for? Did it have direct benefits on Kwarans?

We need a Technocrat cum Administrator of high integrity to manage the affairs of the state in 2019 and beyond in order to stem down this tide of debt burden.

Healthcare: The Healthcare facilities in my dear state in most areas/communities are begging for serious attention.

A toddler died in Offa recently because the Ambulance driver left his duty post and when he finally showed up, he was drunk and the Ambulance of Lamodi Health Centre was eventually used to convey the toddler to UITH, Ilorin.

Alas, the toddler gave up the ghost on the way to Ilorin due to negligence of a driver. Most clinics and hospitals lack common oxygen in Kwara.

Why can’t each senatorial district have, at least, just one state of the arts healthcare facility (good General Hospital)? This will no doubt stem the tide of mortality rate.

Water Supply: Water Tankers are now used to distribute water in Ilorin metropolis on a daily basis at the expense of other towns and villages who are also faced with acute water supply.

There is danger of water borne diseases if care is not taken. Whereas, Billions of Naira has been spent on water reticulation without result. I want to see a State that would make water to be available for all and sundry in the state.

Agriculture: The farmers should be assisted in all ramifications.

Make silos, farm implements, herbicides etc available and the government should also create a commodity board.

Why can’t we encourage “Back to the Farm Initiative” or “Farm Settlements” in Kwara State? This initiative will also absorb a lot of unemployed graduates.

Mass Unemployment: Most of the graduates are now unemployed and they are now frustrated, vulnerable and readily available to be used as thugs.

I wish some of them can all be employed in Shonga Farm, in road maintenance agency to fill pot holes etc.

Rural-Urban Drift: To curb this trend, good facilities must be provided for the rural communities in Kwara.

Just to use Obbo Aiyegunle in Ekiti LGA and Kpada in Kwara North as case studies.

As far back as 1977 that I have known Obbo Aiyegunle, 11kilometre road from Osi to the town is in a deplorable condition up till today. Same with Kpada in Kwara North. The road is not good from Pategi to the town.

Whereas, the people in that axis can contribute immensely to the state as per the cultivation and supply of local rice and groundnut amongst others. Not to talk of the numerous towns and villages that are neglected by successive governments in my dear state. What a pity!

I will like to see a State that all the roads would be opened up and basic infrastructural facilities provided for the rural dwellers. This will curb rural-urban drift significantly.

Roads: I will like to see a State that will develop as per massive  road construction. Just as Ogun and Osun States governments are doing at the moment.

Tourism Development: To take our dear state to the next level, there must be conscious efforts as per Tourism Development.

What happened to the Pategi Reggata? Why can’t we develop tourist sites in each LG and then drive visitors to those sites?

Our IGR in the State will be greatly enhanced as per Tourism Development if the government can key into Tourism Development in the state.

Solid Minerals: We need to tap into them since the state is so endowed with so many solid mineral resources.  We need will power of a proactive manager and the state needs to get the necessary licence from the federal government in this regard.

If this sector is fully tapped, it will mop up a lot of our unemployed graduates and also contribute to the IGR significantly.

Lakaji Corridor Initiative: Kwara state needs to key into this initiative ASAP.

Pension: Those who served the State dedicatedly and meritoriously for several years are not usually paid their pensions and allowances on time whereas some people who served just for eight years are paid promptly.

This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. God dey sha!

It will be apt to pay pensioners and retirees as at when due.

Fellow Kwarans, we need to come together and contribute our quota into the development of our dear state.

All of us are stakeholders in the State of Harmony.  This is not the time to siddon look.

Our people are now more impoverished and pauperised more than ever before. Enough of stomach infrastructure!

Please, do not sell your conscience with just paltry sum of N500.00 or with 1 kilogramme of semovita. If you do, you will mortgage the future of the generation next and neither history nor posterity will forgive you. The hardship in the state is enough.

Let us key into real economic development and transformation of our dear STATE!

Let us take Kwara to the next level together please!

In the light of the foregoing, only a well tested and trusted technocrat that can give us the Kwara of our dream should be supported in this drive and in 2019.

If we do not do the needful, the next generation will not forgive us.

It is well!

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim is a Management Consultant and Chartered Secretary cum Administrator.

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