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Let us recover our nation from plethora of jaundices

*Too much politics and no development must stop

My cardinal mission is to lead a movement for the recovery of our country from the plethora of jaundices and old ways that have kept us dancing in circles and re-position our nation to be productive, self sufficient, self providing and globally competitive in every sector, to enable our people actually live and enjoy life as a right.

We need to embrace this movement to get away from the stagnation of too much politics and no development.

We need to get away from the retarding fixation that politics must be done one way, with same circulation of old leaders, rotating in and out of some political parties, looting the nation and throwing money around to buy their way back to power while keeping the nation under permanent arrested development.

We need as citizens to brace up, rise up and say enough is enough, and proceed with inner will to recover and repossess our nation and collectively reposition it for good.

We have been in those old vehicles in the name of popular and big parties, with the old drivers in the name of popular politicians always turning up to claim power, but we can all see that for the long they have been rotating, they have led us nowhere except into backwardness and incremental suffering for our people.

We must come together from all ends of Nigeria- North, South, East and West, from all faiths, from all cultures to reclaim our country and put it forward on better standing, economically, socially, culturally and politically for our own good and the benefit of coming generations.

I am offering myself for this mission and I appeal for your partnership.

God bless you
God bless Nigeria

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