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Linda Ikeji: Would you want to contact her?

*On Forbes list of 20 most influential women in Africa

Can you know somebody in Nigeria who knows nothing about Linda Ikeji? She is an outstanding but at the time very controversial blogger. This young lady achieved success very quickly. Many people wonder how to reach Linda Ikeji. If you are among them then you have come to the right place and we will give this information in the article below.

Who is Linda Ikeji and why may you want to contact her?

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a famous Nigerian blogger. She began to blog in 2006 and one year later, she created her blog which later received such a common followership for many. Her domain is LindaIkejisBlog.com

Currently, it is among the most visited blogs in Nigeria. Linda’s blog has brought her on the Forbes list of 20 most influential women in Africa.

Thanks to her blog, Linda managed not only to build a successful blogger career but also earned huge amount of money. Yes, Linda is one of the richest women in Nigeria, but she also supports young girls who need funds for their innovative ideas.

For this purpose, Linda Ikeji has a charity project ‘I’d Rather Be Self-Made’.

Different people have different intentions for reaching Linda Ikeji. Some want to express their opinion regarding her articles while others dream to get support through her charity project.

No matter what is your purpose you should remember that if you want to be respected you should be respectful as well. Even if you disagree with the statement or opinion of the famous blogger you should not express your thoughts in aggressive and sullen tone. If your intentions are calm and you look for contact details of Linda not to insult or express rudeness, continue reading.

By the way, you can learn more facts about Linda Ikeji just in one click.

How to contact Linda Ikeji

If you want to contact Linda, we must admit that you are lucky enough because there are many variants you can choose from. She can be easily found on the social media, so don’t miss your chance.


One of the easiest ways to contact Linda Ikeji is to leave the comment in a special section on her blog. In order to express your opinion regarding some of the post, you can leave your comment under it. Please take into account that your comment will not appear immediately, as Linda or another person from her team will check the post before publishing.

It is not a secret that after several controversies, Linda has become very careful with her own posts and comments of the users of her blog.

There is also a possibility to download for free Linda Ikeji’s mobile blog app from Google Play Market, App Store or another online store with applications.

Social media

Linda is also very active on social media and has active pages on major websites. Here are her contact details in different social media sites:

  • Twitter – @lindaikeji (there she has about almost followers 1.65 million followers)
  • Instagram – @officiallindaikeji (her audience there is around 1.2 million followers)
  • Facebook page

At the end of 2016, Linda Ikeji even created her own social media site and called it, a bit trivial but still, Linda Ikeji Social. So, you can contact her there also.


If you don’t want other people to see your communication or have some person topic to discuss it is better to send her an e-mail. She has a regularly checked private e-mail and it is lindaikeji@gmail.com

There are also two other business e-mails: lindaikejimedia@gmail.com and contactus@lindaikejimedia.com.

However, you should understand that nobody can guarantee you that Linda Ikeji personally will read and respond to your e-mail. She is a very busy lady and she has assistants who do this for her.

Meet Linda Ikeji personally

Actually, you can visit a physical office of Linda Ikeji Media. Their address is Plot 29 Busola Durusimi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase 1, in Lagos. There is always a possibility to meet her at the office. People say that it is an amazing place with 22 rooms, a training center, a cafeteria, several recording studios and other spots for entertainment.

Yes, there is also a possibility to meet the famous blogger personally out the office as well. Very often she holds different charity events and actually there you can meet her.

Now you know all the possible ways how you can reach Linda Ikeji. We hope you have found the information useful. Don’t be shy! The world is open to courageous people! All you need is to figure out carefully your message to Linda. We wish you good luck!

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