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Maina: Buhari deserves commendation for obeying court

*It is the triumph of truth

President Muhammadu Buhari’s order for the reinstatement of Dr Abdulrasheed Maina, the former Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT) back into the civil service of the federation has been described as a validation of this administration’s respect for the rule of law, separation of powers and due process.

A coalition of civil society organisation in a statement signed by Comrade Mukhtar Akosile and made available to www.gongnews.net reiterated that, “for almost five years, Dr Maina was on the receiving end of the endemic corrupt system that Nigerians have perfected in almost every facet of their activities.

“A reformer in person of Dr Abdulrasheed Maina was made to suffer the brunt of daring to confront a well entrenched system of pilfering the pension resources meant for those who have used their bright years to serve Nigeria and Nigerians in various fields of endeavour.

Dr Maina dared to bring reform into a pension system that had hitherto perpetuated inefficiency, corruption and mismanagement. Thus, subjected many old and infirm Nigerians into perpetual suffering and hardship.

Before the establishment of Dr Abdulrasheed Maina’s task force on pension reform, the ugly face of Nigeria’s pension system was already a source of worry and had become both national and international disgrace.

Many a Nigerian pensioners were made to undergo series of inhuman, torturous and unbelievable stress over monthly stipends which was their entitlement. Many of the pensioners were reduced to beggars on the streets with no concern for their plight.

Dr Maina and his team took the bull by the horns and said enough was enough. They exposed the system leading to the trial by the EFCC of 43 persons whose trials are still ongoing.

The nation was saved billions out of which the National Assembly approved N74billion to fund the 2013 budget. Less did he know that the cabal who have defined the pension system as their cash cow would not allow any reform that will change the face of Nigerian pension system for the better.

The profiteers went to work and Maina became the villain. He was molested, vilified and demonised by the cabal. The 7th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria unashamedly patronised the system meant to perennially condemn aged Nigerians to servitude and destitution. The Senate went to town with unsavoury rhetorics asking for the head of this man of good heart. Many Nigerians were misled into thinking otherwise of the good work of Dr Maina.

Even some uninformed would-be beneficiaries of his historic reforms were misled into believing that Maina meant ill for them.

Alas, the ancient wisdom in the saying that: ‘falsehood may prevail for long, the truth shall eventually triumph’ came to fruition. So was the case of the gentle and unassuming Dr Abdulrasheed Maina.

He weathered the storm, stood firm and with utmost believe in our judicial system, he pursued his case with vigour and dedication. The final triumph came in the verdict of the Federal High Court Abuja that invalidated his wrongful dismissal from service. Maina was ordered to be reinstated into his rightful position and so the government President Muhammadu Buhari obeyed the erudite pronouncement of the judiciary. Maina was reinstated as a Director in the civil service of the federation.

This is not just a victory for Dr Abdulrasheed Maina, it is victory for dedication, doggedness, forthrightness, honesty, integrity and above all, the truth. We congratulate Dr Maina on his well-deserved victory and reinstatement. We urge him not to miss the truest lesson of his fight- the eventual triumph of good over evil.

We implore him to continue on his path of rectitude and use the new opportunity given to him by God to continue his impactful reforms in our civil service and in the body polity generally. Dr Maina’s pedigree and courage is needed for the anti corruption drive of this administration.

We thank Mr President for keeping to the electoral promises of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) of respect for the rule of law and separation of powers.

Congratulations once again Dr Abdulrasheed Maina.

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