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Maina: Even God will curse EFCC for lying bare faced

*Great web of conspiracy doing strong

The entire Maina Scandal is the struggle for the truth. Persons are struggling so hard to bury the truth. Where lies the face of the author of man and earth? I wonder how people who are parents and will pray that their own children will do well in life will work tirelessly and so hard to give Barabbas, a reknown felon, life at the expense of an innocent man. Will the nation ever grow?

Agony of a terrorised Maina
Agony of a terrorised Maina…new web of lies from government

If the Nigerian media had been in the time of Pontius Pilate, they would have tried Jesus Christ and nail him on their cross because the price is right. my attention was called to the EFCC’s two-page advert in The Nation newspaper of 30th November where they turned facts of our immediate past upside down to protect their own propaganda.

Some of us have paid prices for this nation in our own little ways. Given what I know and had reported about the pension saga, I am so ashamed that institutions will lie. The Senate did in the 7th Assembly. They are yet to apologise to the nation. Now, the EFCC lied to protect yet another interest which is not in the best interest of our nation.

Did the Goodluck Jonathan administration lied too? That government’s mid-term report is clear. She adopted and published the achievements of the PRTT as part of her mid term report. Two, the Maina team did a presentation to the Jonathan’s Economic Management Team where they were applauded for their efforts.

Even from heaven's face is the anger in God
Even from heaven’s face is the anger in God

If the EFCC wants Nigerians to believe the two-page advert they spent public monies on to deny Maina and his PRTT, why did they have to wait until 2017 to debunk the same facts that are in public domain claimed by the Maina team since 2013? Is there or are there some things the EFCC are struggling hard to cover?

Was there no time the EFCC worked in partnership with the Maina PRTT? Will the EFCC alone take the credits of a multi-sectoral PRTT in the pension saga? Given the evidences of the Head of Service, Immigration, and such other persons before the Madaki Ali ad-hoc committee, I can see a well weaved and structured manipulation designed to cover a last lie.

I really sympathise with the committee. It is my prayer that God will give that committee the discernation to see beyond all these official shenanigans. Even God, may start to wonder why and how he created a bunch of Nigerians with hearts not good for humans!

Senator Emmanuel Paulker and Hon Ali Madaki...sitting in Pontius Pilate's seat. Barabbas or Jesus?
Senator Emmanuel Paulker and Hon Ali Madaki…sitting in Pontius Pilate’s seat. Barabbas or Jesus?

What is more important? Abdulrasheed Maina’s reinstatement into a career he built which catapulted him to stardom, from where he was martyred by those he had caught stealing, who used what they stole to buy the Senate Committee for N3billion and got their plans executed well.

For working hard for his country as Head of Service and trying to resolve the pension trouble bedevilling the nation, Stephen Orosanye had to face bare lies and the courts have cleaned him up. Whereas, his colleagues who stole the nation and its old retirees are busy enjoying their loot.

These two men and those who worked with them are made to look like the real thieves while the real thieves and their friends, buying the media, have filled the hearts of the people with lies and propaganda. It is sad that these lies are now painted in bright colours to look like the truth.

Which is more important? Barabbas or Jesus? Pontius (Emmanuel Paulker (Senate) and Ali Madaki (Reps) sitting in juries) Pilate, will you need God to help you and the juries you head give the nation justice. Many of the prosecution witnesses before you are jaundiced, infected, sick and grand conspirators.

I repeat here and again, Abdulrasheed Maina is human, he is not and cannot be a saint but the new quality of official lies being weaved by Government officials before the National Assembly does not tally with the truth in the public domain. I see through their lies and my heart is so heavy and in anguish. If only these public officials have done one tenth of what Maina has done, there would be no poverty in this land. May God NOT forgive all deliberate liars in these scheme.

President Buhari and Ibrahim Magu...some things you are now told are blatant lies
President Buhari and Ibrahim Magu…some things you are now told are blatant lies

Are these facts true?

  1. That N282billion cash were retrieved by Maina-led PRTT and lodged in the CBN?
  2. Was it true that the National Assembly approved N74billion with which the nation’s budget was funded?
  3. Did Maina-led PRTT recovered N2billion cash from the home of one of the Permanent Secretaries that worked in the Head of Service?
  4. Is it true that between when the PRTT was ‘sacked’ and replaced with PTAD that N35billion was missing from the Pension Office of the Head of Service?
  5. Is it true that the Permanent Secretary, Isa Salih, under whose purview the Police Pension was blindly stolen became the Head of Service and ‘organised’ the sack of the PRTT and Maina?
  6. Is it true that no one within the PRTT can access one Naira by the way it was organised?
  7. The N195billion over which Maina was ‘arraigned’ by the David Mark-led Senate is in the TSA as revealed by Senator Kabiru Gaiya. If yes, why is Maina still being tried? This was the basis of the dismissal in the first instance.
  8. While the dismissal was in the offing, Abdulrasheed Maina was already before the Federal High Court in Abuja. The Ministry of Interior was informed. They spurned the court and still went on to dismiss him. Is this Constitutional?
  9. The Court accordingly threw out the entire processes that led to the dismissal of Maina. Has that Order of Court been obeyed till date? Is it a crime to have obeyed that Order, even if “we” (in government and outside of government) did not like it.

Therefore, given the above, the issues before the National Assembly Ad-hoc committees should have been made easier. If any of the issues above DOES NOT inform the basis of the thought of these committees, there are chances that heaven will mourn for justice. Yes, it is one individual, Abdulrasheed Maina, but that will mean when the Holy Bible said, “the truth will set you free” it did not forsee the grand conspiracy in the Nigerian public service.

I will see you again. One fact is, even God will curse EFCC for lying bare faced.

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