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Maina: Fear for my life after the Channels TV expose

Even one of the three hosts of the Sunrise Daily on Channels TV, expressed the fear when I spoke on the pension and Maina saga. Many friends, associates, families and colleagues had felt I should have kept the mute. Truth is, the God who saw me through the pangs of death in TheNews Magazine and Tempo does not slumber.

Two, I have done what I did out of conviction. To tell the truth that I know with precision. Three, I have never walked on the path of self enrichment since I started journalism in TheNigerian Herald since 1983. So, God has a duty he called me into journalism. He won’t expose me to evil except my time is up by His own calendar. I will gird my camel but the protection of the camel is God’s.

For those who don’t know Maina: This is one young, vibrant and brilliant forensic expert. He schooled in America. From the distance of Biu (in Borno State) where he has come from he will smell a financial distortion in Lagos. He is gifted. Let those who know him at close range rise and speak.

He loves the security structure built around him. He knows his onion. He knows his job which he does with absolute ease. His level of financial intelligence is outstanding. To folks around the world, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former Finance Minister, is a genius. Ask her, she admitted Maina to be a genius! She said so much about Maina on the floor of the Senate. The tapes are there.

I know like many of the journalists who covered the PRTT that many of the staffers live in Mararaba. They do ‘kabu-kabu’ to augment what the parent agencies that sent them to PRTT pay. They had no room to make any extra. Saddest part, sometime till as late as 10:00pm they are working.

Dedication, expertise, finesse, nationalistic fervor and competence were their values. Some staffers who cut corners in the process of ‘helping’ pensioners were instantly fired. When they need to go cash mopping, they go as a team, mop and drop in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) before closing. On about seven occasions, they go with one journalist in their team for us to see first hand their operations.

After operations, the head of the various security structures do a report which they send to their agencies. In-house, they have a Chief Security Officer who does the report to the chairman. The system worked and well too.

Monthly, they compile list and names of pensioners which the Head of Service has to approve. The approved list goes to CBN which pays to the recipients directly through their banks.

They could not afford to ‘settle’ journalists. There were times, the Head of Service will not approve money for their monthly media briefing.

Why God’s anger will thrive: Too many people know the same truth I know and offered to tell the nation. They offered to keep mum. Was the current Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu not the Director of Operations whose unit coordinates those who work with the PRTT (15 operatives)?

Same thing with the DSS, Ministry of Justice, Customs, Immigrations, Police (15 officers), Accountant General of the Federation, Auditor General of the Federation, Ministry of Finance, National Intelligence Agency etc

When the Maina saga broke out at the beginning none of the heads of these institutions spoke one word about what they know. Sad. They left Maina in the cold hands of a conspiratorial crowd. I came out and spoke.

Like I appeared in 2017, I was on Channels Television to state what I know. The last one was my second appearance on the Mainagate. I wish the station can get my first appearance and play back for the nation.

Why Steve Orosanye would never pray for this country: He was a former Head of Service. Passionate, and brilliant. He came to work and was told four pensioners had died at the basement of his office. He offered to do an on the spot assessment. When he saw the bodies he removed his glasses and allowed tears to drop from his cheeks.

Out of frustration of losing pensioners, he looked up to the sky and asked God to help him resolve this pensioners dying like flies. Then, someone who knew now told him that one folk fixed the pension system in the Ministry of Interior. That was the coming of Abdulrasheed Maina.

A team was set up. To ensure proper coordination, Orosanye kept the approvals in his office. The team worked and delivered. He retired and the people (including Heads of Service of the Federation) who used to get their ‘fat’ pensions got angry. The battle began. Prof Dele Afolabi, Sali etc

I repeat with deep insistence that the trial of Steve Orosanye is like evil triumphing over truth. This is where I insist further that the parliamentary committees set to investigate the Mainagate scandal will only scratch he surface and NEVER get to the root. Can they cover the Orosanye ends of this saga? Certainly no. so, where are we? This must be a circus show.

Bagauda Kaltho: I wish to quickly remind those who are given the power to improve this nation that it is with the blood of journalists that the democracy we enjoy today was built. One name is obvious, Bagauda Kaltho. Our democracy is floundering because we do not wish to stand for our nation.

Until and except those who have the roles to play, in the proper standing of this nation in this Mainagate play their roles well will God bless them. If they want to make money, yes, they will make like the Senate of the 7th Assembly made N3billion. The chairman of the panel milked Shaibu Teidi (one of the 43 pension suspects) but God will take His pound of justice.

Abdulrasheed Maina is from Biu in Borno State and Olajide Fashikun is Ekiti from Kwara State. Our common bond is Nigeria. If Kaltho paid the ultimate price and is cheated by those enjoying the freedom arising from his blood, the vengeance of God should visit and quickly.

If Maina is another Kaltho, then, we shall never produce a single hero or heroine again. Then, our nationhood should be smashed and each tribe take a shard and go our separate ways. Like Mrs Patience Jonathan: ‘Diaris God o!’

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