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Maina: Garba Shehu should please keep his traps shut

*He is injuring Buhari the most

Mallam Garba Shehu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s media spokesman is asserting my once popularly held opinion that his department is the biggest mistake his boss made. All his comments on the Mainagate scandal (if I must use this terminology) is not only unschooled, it is loose, unguarded and uninformed. Saddest.

Buhari needs to think deeper...he does not need people like Garba Shehu around him
Buhari needs to think deeper…he does not need people like Garba Shehu around him

I do not want to believe Garba Shehu called Abdulrasheed Maina “a monster” despite the mountain of evidence pointing to Maina being set up. All because he wants to be seen tackling the opposition PDP. Haba! That language to describe a Nigerian from his office is disrespecting.

One fact is re-established. Mr President DOES NOT have efficient and effective communication strategists. His media advisers and media assistants issue counter and conflicting press releases on the same matter. They acted like the lumpen reaching decisions before finding out the truth and yet, is ashamed to recant. Why are they always in a hurry to respond without thinking?

I can go to a court to swear to an affidavit that the Buhari media team is one of the most useless structures in the presidency. Since 1980 when I have grown enough to understand these function, I swear By God, it has never been this bad.

Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN)...did Garba Shehu think or ask why he acted as he did?
Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN)…did Garba Shehu think or ask why he acted as he did?

Can we ask pertinent but simple questions: I heard that the rented house where Maina stays in Kaduna was one of those sealed by the EFCC. Another source said, his father’s house where he was born was also sealed and named as ‘proceeds of corruption.’ They said that Maina had a $2million house in Abuja. All they showed us is a dilapidated two-storey building in Abuja. They also showed us some bungalows in Kano and Kaduna. Who do they think they are deceiving? Who valued the two storey building and gave it a $2million valuation? Call him a bad name just to hang him.

Was Maina’s life not attempted? Was he not set up by pension rogues or cabals? Did the pension rogues not paid the Senate Committee N3billion in Dollars? Is it not true that this man and his team recovered N282billion from 43 suspects? The total recovery including 222 houses was worth over N1.6 trillion.

Is it not true that the David Mark Senate approved for Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to use N74billion of the N282billion in the CBN in the 2013 budget? Where is the rest of the money? Where are the 222 houses his committee seized?

Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya...we lied against Maina
Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya…we lied against Maina

Was it not true that former Kano governor, Kabiru Gaya who is the senate committee Vice Chairman were the ones who set up the firestorm against him? They accused him of stealing N195billion. On the 13th April 2016, he recanted in an interview in The Sun Newspaper that the money was not missing that it was in the TSA.

Is Garba Shehu not aware of these facts? If he is, would he just open his bocal cavities and spew what he is spewing? Was Shehu Malami (SAN) the chief law officer a stupid fool to have acted how he did without reason? These are the people who mislead the President.

Which Nigerian wants to read all these and want to do anything patriotic? This is totally appalling and disgracing. The presidency and the ministers ought to be singing from the same song-sheet. It makes the Buhari presidency very lumpen, disorganised and look confused like a motor park attendant.

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