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Why Maina must be killed at all cost

*See what he is denying the pension thieves in figures

They are civil servants. They manipulate the system which they know very well to make cheap monies. This Fela Anuikulapo-Kuti calls ‘pen robbery.’ This has been going on for years. For stopping ‘our free chopping he must die’ said one of the Head of Service after Orosanye left. This new man was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Police Affairs when all the monies were stolen blind.

Steve Osagiede Orosanye...brought the devil called Maina
Steve Osagiede Orosanye…brought the devil called Maina

He now worked so hard with the other members of the cabal to force Maina out and in 24 hours created PTAD to replace PRTT. Between the creation of PTAD from PRTT, another N35billion was stolen. ICPC investigated but never concluded the investigation.

How Maina came to be: In the Ministry of Interior, Abdulrasheed Maina, was the Assistant Director in charge of CIPPO (Customs, Immigration, Prisons Pensions Office). He has a system was seamless. It was working well and well organised. Whereas, as Head of Service, Mr Steve Orosanye was getting reports of burying on the average nine pensioners who die sleeping around the secretariat weekly. Then, someone told him of what is happening in CIPPO.

He sent for Abdulrasheed Maina, the pension magician. That was in 2009 October. They used three months to configure the operations and membership of the Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT). The folks started work in January 2010. By February 2011, these folks have saved about N1.6trillion from just two offices: Head of Service and Police Pension out of the 99 pension offices available.

These are what the figures are:

  • Police pension steal N300m daily
  • Collect N1.5bn monthly but needed just N488m
  • Head of Service payroll monthly – 12billion
  • What is needed is N825m monthly
  • Monthly over N4billion is stolen in Head of Service alone!

The system became desperate. There were even allegations back there then that the joint committee on pension in the National Assembly gets N400m annually for oversight function which a certain Maina has stopped. For these monies to flow, he must be deducted from the system

Meanwhile, 43 civil servants had been extracted and handed over to the EFCC to prosecute in court. Since 2011 till 2017 none of the cases has been completed. It is one of the pension suspects, Esai Dangabar who is reputed to be richer than many of the states in the federation!

Senator Alloysius Etuk...alleged to have collected N3billion from pension thieves
Senator Alloysius Etuk…alleged to have collected N3billion from pension thieves

How Senate stole from pension thieves: Six of the pension suspects gathered and allegedly bribed the Senate Committee with N3billion. It was paid in Dollars! The chairman of the committee declared N500m to his colleagues and still shared therein. Later, the secret opened. He vomited but not all which was shared without him!

Now, the same Senate wants to probe the same Maina? Do they have the moral basis to probe Maina? Are they not guilty of the same sins committed by the allegations against the Etuk Committee?

One of the pension suspects, Shaibu Isah Teidi, was blindly milked by the chairman of the Senate committee. Details were compiled by one of Teidi’s aides who submitted a petition to ICPC and EFCC. Where are the outcomes of the same investigation?

To get Maina out, he was accused of stealing N195billion by the Senate. One of the accusers, Kabiru Gaya, former Kano governor, on 13th April 2016 told The Sun newspaper in an interview that that money was not missing but is in the TSA.

How we lied against Maina: Remember, it was this N195billion Maina was ‘dismissed’ from service. Remember that Maina took Senate to a Federal High Court that ruled in his favour ordering he should be reinstated.

Maina had written President Buhari and the Senate one month after their inauguration demanding to be returned back to work. It took the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami (SAN) extra courage to look at its merit and advised the Federal Civil Service Commission. It took 13 months to finalise the process.

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