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Maina: What they don’t want Buhari to know

*Who is the devil between the persecutors and Maina?

By Olajide Fashikun

Believe it or not. This is strictly media trial. QED. I am asking if Mr President was told these seven issues which nobody fighting Maina would want him to know. For the sake of posterity, I will ask and let the seven issues be public.

I know the pension matter so well. I and Danlami Nmodu of www.newsdiaryonline.com met while working on the pension scandal. Ironically, both of us graduated from the University of Ilorin. He worked in Tell Magazine while I was in TheNews Magazine.

We broke the first story’s details. At a point, I got calls to back off the report. I refused. I had my three-week Camry car crushed by a strange truck that massively rammed into the vehicle. Checks revealed where it came from. This is story for another day.

I was attacked 10 days later with a gun. All they took was my 15-inch Apple laptop with a footnote: “go and continue writing all those nonsense you dey write on us.”

Now. Having established my depth. These are fundamental truths no one will tell President Buhari. Having forced Mr President to dance to a massive media barrage which painted Abdulrasheed Maina as blacker than Lucifer, who will tell President Buhari these truth like I do know? I owe the public and I thus, ask.

  • Did anyone tell Mr President that on 2nd November 2013, in order to achieve its objective of deceiving the Senate and Nigerians, the Senate Joint Committee Chairman, Senator Alloysius Etuk accused the Chairman of the Task Team, Abdulrasheed A. Maina, of embezzling, stealing, misappropriating and mismanagement of N195billion of Pension funds on live television between 2005 and 2010, belonging to the following offices: Nitel Pensions, Nipost Pensions, NEPA Pension, Railways Pension, NPA Pensions, NNPC Pensions and all the Pensions offices in Nigeria.
  • Maina’s committee never existed until 2010. Senate lied.
  • These institutions: Nitel Pensions, Nipost Pensions, NEPA Pension, Railways Pension, NPA Pensions, NNPC Pensions NEVER had anything to do with Maina’s committee. Senate lied again.
  • Did they informed Mr President that the Senate Committee headed by Etuk was alleged to have collected N3billion in dollars from the people Maina caught for pension thieving?
    1. A petition written against the Joint Committee Chairman Senator Etuk by some aides of one of the suspected Pension thieves, Shaibu Sani Teidi, is before the EFCC and ICPC detailing the grand conspiracy against the PRTT and its Chairman;
    2. Why has the petition not received any action but instead ONLY the Chairman is being hounded by the operatives of EFCC;
    3. EFCC CANNOT investigate nor prosecute Maina because they were a member of the Inter-ministerial Task Team working on the Pension Reform;
  • Did they tell Mr President that the Goodluck Jonathan administration without due process and obedience to the Civil Service Rules dismissed Maina for being absent from work for three days?
  • His life was under threat following gun-shot attack on his person in front of Head of Civil Service Office, where his office was located in February, 2013. He was shot at with five bullets on the car he was in a day after the Senate railroaded the Executive against him;
  • Did they inform Mr President that based on perceived injustice and lack of fair hearing by the Senate Joint Committee on Establishment and Public Service and States and Local Government Administration co-chaired by Senator Alloysius Etuk and Senator Kabiru Gaya under the leadership of Distinguished Senator David Mark, the PRTT and its Chairman (Maina) took the 7th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja in a suit Ref: FH/ABJ/C5/65/2013 where it obtained a favourable judgment on 23rd March, 2013.
    1. The judge in his ruling held that Senate (7th National Assembly) failed to meet the constitutional provisions of Section 88 (1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).
    2. The judge ordered Maina to be restored back to the civil service;
    3. Till date, the Senate has failed to appeal the judgment of the Court to reverse its decision upon which it passed a resolution for the Chairman of the PRTT (Maina) to be sacked from the Civil Service. It has failed to comply with the provisions of Section 88.
  • Did they tell Mr President that while the PRTT was making efforts at recovering over N3 trillion Pensions Funds using its financial intelligence know-how, then Minister of Finance and coordinating Minister of Economy without off-setting the expenses of the task team in line with President Goodluck Jonathan’s directives of 23rd October, 2012, established the Pension Transitional Arrangement Department (PTAD).
    1. Iweala co-opted most of the Deputy-Directors including Mr. Kaigama (D.D Accounts of PRTT) among others to the new structure;
    2. Maina out of 15 members is the only person accused of stealing, misappropriating and mismanaging over N195billion of pension fund.
    3. Later, when Kabiru Gaya recanted the N195billion story, they changed the charge to $2million!
    4. Today and sadly, the Income Salaries and Wages Commission approved a special salary scheme for staff of PTAD with the DG earning as much as N43, 848,513.00 per annum over and above the salary of the Nigerian President as approved by Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).
  • Did they also remember to tell Mr President that the then Minister of Finance and coordinating Minister of Economy failed to account the balance of the N282billion retrieved by Maina’s team (in the CBN) from where N74billion was factored into the National Budget of 2012. She and the Accountant General of the Federation were the signatories to the account.
  • Did they also tell Mr President that Senator Kabiru Gaya told Nigerians via an interview he granted the Sun Newspaper of 3rd April, 2016 with caption “Buhari’s One year better than PDP’s 16 years – Sen. Kabiru Gaya” to discharge Maina of the unfounded allegation of stealing, misappropriating and mismanaging N195billion between 2005 and 2010 even when the PRTT was not in existence.
    1. His words: “You remember I was a member of the 6th and 7th Senate and I am still a member of the 8th National Assembly. During the 7th Senate, we were able to do a probe of the Pension Scam. I was a co-chair of that committee. During that investigation, we were able to discover N195BN stocked in accounts of various Departments, Agencies and Ministries (MDAs) for Pension and they were not using those monies.
  • Did they tell Mr President that Maina is the ONLY Civil Servant out of 15 members of PRTT that is under persecution? Where are other members of the Task Team?
    1. Could he have singlehandedly stolen those monies without the knowledge of his team when recoveries are made in team movements?
    2. Yet, all monies paid had to be signed by the Head of Service from where the CBN pays into commercial banks and to beneficiaries;
  • (b) Did they tell Mr President that there were complaints in writing of a subsisting case in the Industrial Court brought by Mr. Abdulrasheed A. Maina (Chairman, Pension Reform Task Team) against his illegal dismissal from service by the Office of Head of Service and Federal Civil Service Commission, to the office of the Attorney-General, the chief legal officer of the nation, who reviewed the matter and decided to obey the court pronouncements directed that Mr. Maina be re-instated as ruled by Justice Adamu Bello in his judgment of 27th March, 2013, since there is no subsisting appeal by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any other interested party;

If the President was told these seven posers we won’t be where we are today. Two, the media trial of Mr Maina is certainly beyond what the public is made to believe. His return means that some folks whose activities have not been exposed will be possibly exposed.

Was one of the 43 persons under prosecution not a major shareholder in a large media organisation in the country? He stole from poor pensioners and used the proceeds to buy into the newspaper.

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