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Maina’s reinstatement followed due process

*Maina has been in Nigeria since April 2016

From Okoi Obono-Obla

“There were two judgments secured by Abdulrasheed Maina! One of the judgments held that his appointment was illegally and wrongly terminated because his right to fair hearing was trampled on. The Court ordered his reinstatement forthwith. There was no appeal filed against this judgment.

The other judgment secured by Maina set aside the warrant of arrest issued by a magistrates’ court in favour of the EFCC. There was also no appeal.

The Counsel to Maina now used these judgments to write to the Federal Civil Service Commission for his reinstatement. The Commission wrote to the Attorney General for his legal opinion. The Attorney General then advised that the Federal Civil Commission should obey these judgments.

The Federal Civil Service Commission is the body constitutionally empowered to recruit, promote and discipline civil servants in the mainstream federal government bureaucracy. It is created by Section 153 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999.  It is an independent body made up of experienced people of unblemished integrity!

Appointment of members of the Federal Civil Service Commission by the President is subject to confirmation by the Senate. The Federal Civil Service Commission met, deliberated fully on the matter and then held that Maina’s case has merit and he should be reinstated as ordered by the Court.

So, the Attorney General did not bring back Maina through the backdoor. In all of these, what was the role of the EFCC? Why didn’t the EFCC appeal against the judgment setting aside its warrant of arrest?

Why didn’t the EFCC arrest Maina who has been in the country since April 2016?

Let the whole Pension saga be investigated by a Judicial Inquiry so that Maina can explain how the over N200 billion recovered by his Task team deposited in the CBN was stolen! Is it possible that it is those who stole the recovered money who are behind the hype and frenzy we are seeing?”

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