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Misau vs Idris: Why Senate cannot enter the oily matter

I had avoided this oily and messy Police controversy. Two, I knew from day one that if extended that Senator Isa Misau from Bauchi Central may swim himself into a mess.

Misau versus IGP...Senate is an interested party
Misau versus IGP…Senate is an interested party. Its President has skeletons to hide

Authoritative sources disclosed that efforts had been completed to drag Misau to court by the Office of the Attorney general of the Federation.

Beyond all these, certain simple questions requires common sense when the whole brouhaha is reviewed.

One, the person of the IGP has been attacked with propaganda. Issues that bother on his privacy has been invaded. Photocropped pictures, amateurishly done, have been posted in the social media and circulated as the truth.

Good enough, this is the first IGP I have not met since 2004 when I sauntered in and lived in Abuja. Can we ask ourselves some basic questions. Can the Senator provide alternatives to the issues in question. We should not be befuddled with farce as facts.

When did the Senator resigned from the Police? 2010 was the date as at what is in the public domain. He got his letter in 2014! Four long years! Why did he not get his letter disengaging him before leaving?

Dr Bukola Saraki Senate President...thinking of killing his own case?
Dr Bukola Saraki Senate President…thinking of killing his own case?

How come the Police Service Commission approved the ‘processing of his letter of retirement’ on the 6th March but the letter he carries to have been disengaged is dated 5th March. Did he get the disengagement letter before the processing started?

As a journalist, we are trained never to believe any ‘fact’ you are given until verified and seen to be true. The account of the Senator and the Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh, on Channels TV, left me with so much, like an average viewer of the programme that this Senator has perjured.

The documents he submitted to get elected in the Senate was sworn to at a court as the truth. He is on oath. With the revelations coming to the fore, he has lied on oath. That is perjury. Making the current IGP a scape goat is looking for a fall guy.

Sadly, I never liked the police. This is one of the institutions I have refused to align my patriotic attachment to. But the N10billion bait of alleged corruption smirks of common sense.

That he promoted some junior police women out of the blues (let an investigation be conducted to verify that, but as of truth and principles of justice, not the Senate can do that because, she (the Senate) is an interested party in the outcome of that investigation.

With the kind of information against the Senate President’s person in the possession of the police which he (Dr Bukola Saraki) may want kept out of public domain, he may want to use this opportunity to kill this IGP as a preventive measure not to be exposed.

Misau and certainly his men had accused the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, of collecting bribe to the tune of N10billion monthly from oil companies for police deployment. Whilst that figure sounds somewhat impossible, coming from a sitting senator, it cannot and should not be brushed aside.

On their part, the police, while responding, declared the Senate Committee Chairman on Navy wanted for alleged forgery of a retirement letter from the service. The force described Misau as a police deserter and that they had commenced an investigation into the purported retirement letter he’s been parading.

These are two messy cases that must not be glossed over. One, the allegations by the senator must be investigated thoroughly to ascertain the truth. On the other hand, the police accusation too must be looked into to uphold that which is true.

On the whole, recriminations of this nature cannot be flying about in an administration, whose only life line is the fight against graft and yet, no one is talking. It is simply bewildering!

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  1. True ehn! As a bushman, na first time wet I dey see person wet comot for inside box come begin dey ask question lime journalist be this.
    Even see him head as he dey grow things.
    Na now my head come begin waka go the side wet this columnist carry me waka go.
    Senators or na sin-ators? Uhm!
    Wetin be Saraki own wet him just talk small cone waka comot.
    IGP, you try. I dey your side for this but sha, I no like police people o.