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Mobola Lawal dominates Lekki British sports meet

*Red House wins with velvety skills

Mobola Lawal, 14 year old lass, was the cynosure of all eyes as she practically dominated the inter house sports festival of her school, the Lekki British International school, winning eight different colours of medals.

The young Mobola who got the seed of her athletics prowess planted in South Africa went ahead to earn a special recognition from Nigeria’s five-time Olympian and double medallist, Chief Mary Onyali who was forced to admit, “this is a secret pearl of the nation’s future with her speed, strength and grim determination to succeed in every of the eight events she cropped medals.”

Mobola Lawal and Chief Mary Onyali
Mobola Lawal and Chief Mary Onyali…with her ship load of medals

Speaking to www.gongnews.net that young lass is one great athlete that must be monitored, followed, nurtured and helped to replace the ageing but lost generation of our nation. I have not seen a strong young girl like this for a long time. She is a great asset if well tapped and structured.”

Chief Executive Officer of the school, Ms Abiodun Laja, in a brief remark said, “seeing parents and the children participating in the events with relish and fun gives me a great moment and joy. Hearing the very heart warming remarks of a global brand like Chief Mary Onyali makes me to appreciate that what we are doing is actually an acceptable standard.”

Mr A. Gill the Principal of the school admonished the children to “compete in the spirit of sportsmanship and fairplay. Champions keep playing till they get it right and keep going even when they have nothing left in their tank.”

He added, “some of the greatest talents and characters are revealed on the field of play. I think few will dispute that sports makes you strong, healthy and teach us to accept defeat and celebrate victory. These lessons later become building blocks of success in life.”

Mrs Gloria Okolie, the school’s Vice Principal (Pastoral) who led the team that organized this year’s sports meet said in her remarks, “this 12th inter house competition is geared towards discovery of champions amongst our student population. We are looking forward to a day and time when an Olympic champion will stand at the podium and tell the entire world, my seed was planted at the Lekki British international school.”

Chief Onyali with Ms Abiodun Laja
Chief Onyali with Ms Abiodun Laja, CEO of the school

She charged the students to imbibe the moral and high standards of fair play at all times. Some races are won and some are lost. The best to do for yourself is to compete fairly. Never you cheat. Work hard. Be strong and focused. Those who are reknown all over the world today has passed through this stage but one hallmark that distinguished them is discipline.”

Ikwuemesi Kennedy won the 50metre race beating Yang Johnny, Uriri David, Obayanju Joshus while in the girls’ race, Igbokwe Chika of Red House won the race beating Mobola Lawal (Blue) and Ogbuebie Natachi to the second and third place.

Fatade Akinlolu (Red) won the sack race for junior boys. Igbokwe Chika (Red) won the Shuttle race senior girls beating Mobola Lawal (Blue) and Okigbo Nkiru (Green).

Yang Johnny (Green) won the shuttle race senior boys beating Rabiu Munir (Green) and Mapfurmo Alex (Red).

While in the junior boys swimming event, Mapfurmo Alex (Red) this time emerged the winner be defeating Mbedzi Dzithedo (Red). But in the junior girls swimming Osifeso Elsie (Yellow) made her house proud winning the top diadem and leaving Gill Jemima (Blue) and Oladapo Jesutoofarati (Green) to share the rest of the spoil.

Whereas, the senior boys swimming was dominated by two brothers Alex and Eric Mapfurmo both of Red House leaving Marthur Ariya who hang the bronze medal.

In the senior girls swimming event, Martins-Kuye Wuraola (Red House) defeated Oladipo Jesutomisin (Green House) and Osifeso Elsie (Yellow) to the second and third places.

However, in the Open relay swimming, Mapfumo Alex (Red) defeated Okafor Munachinoso (Yellow) and Oladipo Jesutomisin (Green). However, in the Endomorph race for girls, Osifeso Elsie (Yellow) won the gold leaving the Silver and Bronze medal for Mshelia Shiktira (Red) and Akinseye Devine (Blue). In the male race, Uchidiuno Tobechukwu (Blue) won and Mapfumo Eric (Red) came second, Iyeuwa Tervin (Green) got the third position.

At the end of the championships, the Red House won the overall trophy with 389 points while the Blue House got 310 points. Green House got 285 points while Yellow made 246 points.

Parents also had their own race which added spice to the events of the day.

Trophies, medals and certificates were won by the participants.

Smart Igbokwe, the captain of the Red House said in his comment after they won, “we are the shining light of this special 12th edition. Our victory is a mathematical summary of hardwork and excellence which our school is known for. Like our CEO, Ms Abiodun Laja, we worked so hard, we played fairly and emerged just the best. By the next edition, we shall ensure to sustain our championship.” 


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