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Moro: Where are we in political calculation of Kwara?

*We have been discriminated, cheated and made forlong

From Abdulkabir Olarongbe

Moro local government was created in 1976 with headquarters at Bode Sa’adu. The local government comprises of five districts namely: Lanwa, Ejidongari, Olooru, Malete and Ipaiye.

The collapsed bridge at Tatabu village along Mokwa-Jebba road in Kwara-state...no one to make our case for us
The collapsed bridge at Tatabu village along Mokwa-Jebba road in Kwara-state…no one to make our case for us

The local government is politically designed to belong to Kwara North Senatorial District comprising two federal constituencies namely: Edu/Patigi/Moro federal constituency and Baruten/Kaiama federal constituency Moro local government as at today is definitely having serious problem of identity by virtue of the fact that it senatorially belongs to Kwara North and district-wise belonging to Ilorin Emirate.

The Ilorin Emirate and Kwara North classification is politically and adversely affecting the local government as a result of which the local government is having very serious setback in terms of development.

How the two caps forcefully or otherwise put on the head of the local government are negatively affecting the area is not a matter of fiction or abstractive thought of this writer.

It is from a fact of history and political truth. Historically, Moro local government is claimed by Ilorin Emirate based on the fact that Daudus are appointed as District Heads to traditionally man the affairs of the five districts in the local government, i.e Lanwa, Ejidongari, Malete, Ipaiye, and Olooru by the Emir of Ilorin.

Indigenes of the local government have never witnessed any political gains from this arrangement because all appointments from the State government have never been referred to any of these Daudus for contribution, recommendation for approval.

Instead, most of the appointments are given at will by the people in the authority at the state level and to whom they wish to favour, mostly non-indigenes of the local government. I stand to be corrected on this point.

I will like to state categorically that the Emirate arrangement has failed and can never favour the local government or the indigenes as both state and federal government appointments or elective positions as the case may be, have not been favourably extended to the local government and the indigenes.

I do not know if it will favour us, if Moro Local Government is re-classified to fall under Kwara Central Senatorial District because Asa Local government is having an edge over Moro local government as they are always remembered in execution of some useful projects.

Furthermore, there are five local Governments which make up Kwara North Senatorial District, and these are Baruten, Kaiama, Edu. Pategi and Moro Local Government. This is another unfortunate cap put on the head of the local government.

The above five Local Government areas are divided into two Federal constituencies and one Senatorial District as enumerated earlier.

Considering these political arrangements, it will take special grace of God for Moro Local Government to produce a Senator in the midst of four other local Government areas as it becomes a minority. In the same token, it requires special prayers and God’s intervention for the Local Government to produce a member of the House of Representatives in the midst of two other local Government areas in the constituency.

Summarily, the local government is losing in the political calculation. We lose wearing the first cap [Emirate] and greater loss wearing the second cap [Kwara North]. Where do we go from here?

Ironically, the impact of the “selected” Local Government Chairmen [past and present] are not felt. You can hardly notice any development in the local Government, be it road construction/maintenance, primary school maintenance, market maintenance, provision of portable water etc, being carried out or provided by any of them. However, we actually don’t blame any of these Chairmen because none of them was actually nominated or chosen by the people or freely and sincerely elected to the position.

They were selected and imposed on the people of the Local Government by the people in power from Ilorin. Democracy or Autocracy you will call this?

The only way out of these unwarranted cheat and peculiar mess we found ourselves in the Local Government is for all Moro Indigenes, home and abroad, to stand up, unite, become one and speak with one voice so as to find solutions to our problems. We should have it at the back of our mind that we are blessed by Almighty God and have all it takes to save ourselves from this peculiar mess with God always on the side of the oppressed.

We are not academically backward as they always claim when they want to appoint or impose people on us. We can as at today boast of many Chartered Accountants [including fellow of the Institute], Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Administrators, Engineers, Academicians etc.

We are aware of a fact that, it is not easy to change a system without reactions from people benefiting from it. They will always want to maintain the status-quo as that is where they benefit from. We are determined to change this for

This is the colour of neglect Moro people are suffering
This is the colour of neglect Moro people are suffering

the benefit of our people and the Local government. We can’t continue like this.

I become very sad each time I visit home and always asked whether the Local Government headquarters is the same Headquarters some of us left in 1977 and whether our primary school is the same primary school some of us finished from over 30 years ago.

We can’t notice any sign of dividends of democracy. I find it difficult to refer to the present Bode Sa’adu as a Local Government headquarters because it does not look like one. Moving away from the Local Government headquarters, Bode Sa’adu-Ejidongari road is worse than what one can imagine and has been abandoned by the State and the Local
Government cannot even remember to grade at least from Bode Sa’adu to Alagbon, Fala or Lasaki or at worst, a kilometer of the road.

I cannot imagine how our House of Assembly member feels whenever she travels to Ejidongari. How on earth will you preach to these people or the authority that all the roads in Jebba town ought to be rehabilitated? How will you tell them that other towns in the Local Government like Lanwa, Shao, Olooru, Okemi, Elebu, Kaba/Owode etc should at least taste little of the dividend of Democracy? Through which means will you pass message to the Federal Government that a journey from Jebba to Ilorin that ordinarily should not take you not more than 45 minutes will now take you not less than two hours just because of the worst situation of the road from the edge of the River Niger bridge to Ilorin [Trunk A Road]? Charity they say begins at home.

Our fathers, like Chief Wole Oke, Late Alh. Asejere, Alh. I.A Jimoh, Alhaji Obalowu Bello, the present Ohoro of Shao [HRH. Alhaji Adegbite], Oba of Jebba (HRH, Alh Adebara) etc tried their best within their capacity and we should appreciate them.

However, we need to take it up from here. We have more advantages because of availability of modern technologies like easy access to communication etc and the fact that we pray that children should inherit good things from their parents.

We shall always carry them along on whichever direction we plan to go and seek for their advice from time to time. We know where we started from as a Local Government, where we ought to be and where we are as at today. We are ready to take destiny with our hands.
Abdulkabir Olarongbe contributed this piece from Abuja

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