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N224m NFLL money: Jalla was only greedy over our money – Danladi

*All the monies were shared with integrity

*Jalla only wanted to play Janus

By Olajide Fashikun

Chairman of the Club Owners Association of Nigeria, Barrister Isaac Danladi, has come forth to reveal the details and stories behind the scene involving the N224million broadcast money over which Mr Harrison Jalla has been raising a lot of storm about saying, ‘he should not cry more than the bereaved.”

In an exclusive interview spanning 32 minutes, Danladi told www.gongnews.net “Total Promotion Nigeria had never one day denied the existence of the money in question. They told us how much is with them and that they will be willing to freely release the money but for now, they are in various courts pertaining to issues surrounding the money.”

“When Harrison Jalla approached us to fight Total Promotion Nigeria Limited we objected. He wanted us to join him to write the EFCC. I was aware that he was so close to the company. There was a time he was working with Total Promotion and we know he got so much money from them.

“Later, he brought Larry Kubeinje as the head of the NANF. We saw some of the communications to that effect. Kubeinje went to the EFCC. We made several visits to the EFCC in Lagos. On one of the occasions, he re-affirmed the change in the leadership of NANF.

When the money was almost ripe for collection, we had a meeting in the EFCC where the Total Promotion boss was present. The draft was to be released and we were to deliberate on the real owners of the money where it was resolved in favour of the league. As the club owners we were the most appropriate party.

Thereafter, I set up a committee which tabulated and reported that 25 clubs were to benefit from the money. The committee stated what each club got. 60% of the money went to the clubs and 40% went to the League.

Where the issues came up between us and Jalla was that he asked for N120m of the money. I told him categorically clear that it was not a loot. He brought in some list of people that made up what he requested. We told him we shall appreciate their efforts in getting us the money for which we budgeted N20m

That was when we realised Larry Kubeinje and Harrison Jalla were not on the same page. There was debate as to who collects the cheque.

Along the line, when the ddraft was released to us, the Giwa group came up with bid to stop the cheque from being paid us. We then transferred the money from the account of the NFLL to that of club owners to comprehensively protect the money.

Meetings were called, all the clubs were paid via their bank accounts. We got a clean bill and were commended for the effort. None of the clubs who are the direct parties who are to suffer injury complains. For us, what injury is Jalla suffering that he is crying more than the bereaved? He has helped us get some of our monies we could not access. We thank him and his organisation for that. We have appreciated them and there t ends. It is not his business how we spend what we got. Meanwhile, we can give account of every kobo which is the ultimate and most important issue.

Meanwhile, former chairman of the league, Chief Victor Rumson Baribote wanted to raise a new legal fight that he is still the bona fide chairman of the League board. As a lawyer, we the club owners can be held responsible. The club owners minus me shared the money, we took copies of the sharing the money to the NFF and EFCC. They are aware of how the money was shared.

For a week, NANF could not organise themselves. I quietly told the authorities and invited the two personalities to Abuja. At the meeting, I was emphatic that the money is not a commission and is not a bribe but goodwill for working for us to get the fund. There was mild drama between the two of meeting.

Eventually, the cheque was given to the two of them. Pictures were taken where they jointly collected the cheque. Whatever happens thereafter is not my or our business.

On the other hand, we paid the 25 clubs. The board members of the time when the TV Rights was secured were paid some monies. We part paid the tenement rate and utility bills of the Karaye property.

Some folks had Garnishee Order on the league’s account, we negotiated and part settled these other folks.

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