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N244m NFLL money: Not until justice prevails, our football won’t grow – Oladunjoye 

*Total Promotion Limited versus League Management Company

*Truth, transparency and openness are missing values

Lagos-based legal practitioner, Ayo Oladunjoye, detailed why no big, reasonable sponsor will come near the current contraption called the Nigerian Premier League because issues of justice and fairness are missing. This is in view of the raging N244m Nigeria Football League Limited (NFLL) Broadcast Rights money.

The lawyer who reacted to the N244m television rights issue said in an exclusive telephone interview that, “I am sad that those who are managing the league today do not have the history of how the league arrived where it is today. Go back to that Chief Oyuiki Obaseki interview, it is deep to the initiate.”

He summarised that, “if Total Promotion Limited leased a property from the owner for a period of five years for example, paid five years lease as agreed, is there an offence?

He added, “in law, contract signed and leasee respects the commercial consideration in the contract as agreed, whose headache is it if he makes profit or loss? To whose risk or benefit will that be? Only to the leasee.

One thing that keeps baffling me is, “when Total Promotion Limited was funding the formation of the Nigeria Football League Limited (NFLL), even before it became a limited liability company, who else joined in funding the NFL then? It was only Total Promotion Limited.

Even Shehu Dikko’s Chief Operating Officer, Salisu Abubakar, who was then Secretary of the NFLL wrote officially twice to Total Promotion Limited thanking it for the millions of Naira it advanced as far back as 2005 for take off of today’s premier league. All of these are on record and in board minutes of the then NFLL.

I read somewhere where Dikko was advising the media not to report negatives about the league because it scares away sponsors. Did he ever ask himself whether if such sponsors hear or read about how Total Promotion Limited was treated whether they would want to do business with the league?

Hon Nduka Irabor and Shehu Dikko…League Management Company (LMC) heirs

“Okay, let us do a fast forward to 2008/10 seasons when their beloved Globacom Nigeria Limited failed to pay its dues for Title Rights. Who single handedly paid to sustain the league? It was Total Promotion Limited.

“Alright, let us also fast forward to 2011/12 season wen the same Globacom Nigeria Limited again won’t meet it’s financial obligations to the premier league, who single handedly sustained the league? Was it not the same Total Promotion Limited.

Candidly, the way and manner the LMC people greedily treated Total Promotion Limited, it raises both moral and legal suances. No reasonable company worth its salt will not do background checks before doing business with them. With histories like this, no big and responsible company will not be scared of doing business with them.

I am speaking because I know the deep history of the matter. At a point, there were legal tussles on these matters. For God’s sake and for crying out loud, Total Promotion Limited brought good money to Nigeria Football sponsorship at any level.

For me, the League Management Company remains a criminally and fraudulent creation. Were we all not witnesses to Total Promotion Limited during the regime of Davidson Owumi got MTN to invest billions of Naira into the league? I was a party to that arrangement.

Of course, you can’t force LMC Limited to submit audit. Given it is a private company owned by Messrs Nduka Irabor and Aminu Maigari who claimed at different fora to be NFA administrator, NFA Chairman /President, none of which he ever legally occupied for one day.

Dr. Mike Adenuga chairman of Globacom Nigeria Limited…swims in several football controversies

The two persons own LMC Limited. Nduka Irabor owns 75%, Maigari 25%. That is why I scorned at one of your reports where you claimed that Irabor was being pushed away from LMC, its not possible. If it is done, then, it is a continuation of the same treatment being meted out to Total Promotion Limited.

Why are you journalists not asking for LMC’s audit? Can the NFF legally order the LMC for an audit?

As par Mr Shehu Dikko, “no eclipse is ever for eternity. Karma will soon catch up with the current contraption. This football eclipse will come to an end some day and daylight will uncover the night.

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